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7 Tips to Increase your Download and Upload Speeds

We’ve all been there the day of an important download and the dreaded message pops up saying it is going to take a huge amount of time to complete it, what if I told you that there were a number of different ways to help improve your download and upload speeds so that you never […]

Understanding Tech: The Many Different Types of Servers

Understanding how 3D Rendering For Gaming Works 

How France is Upgrading its Communication Network in 2021

The 8 Greatest Tech Innovations Helping the Hospitality Sector

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Are You Looking To Enhance The Visibility And Security Of Networks? Here Are The Tips

According to the recent fact that has been noticed in the world; it is seen that the number of cyber attacks in the world is increasing at a very higher pace. Almost 62 percent of internet websites and businesses have suffered from cyber security attacks once or other time in their history. People to save themselves from these attacks, […]

Cyber Crime Has Been Increasing Very Rapidly-Tips To Secure System From Cyber Crime 

Technical Security – Top 5 Components 

App Security Technology

Endpoint Security for Remote Workforce – Top 4 Crucial Tips 

Many people work for remote areas where security is a must so that they can keep the proper safety of their data and information. If people do not pay attention to a remote workforce’s various aspects, it will lead the people to bear the huge risks and losses. Once the people and the big firms get to know about the various security measures for a remote workforce, […]

What Are The Best Information Security Technologies? – Top 5 Emerging Technologies 

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7 Tips to Increase your Download and Upload Speeds

We’ve all been there the day of an important download and the dreaded message pops up saying it is going to take a huge amount of time to complete it, what if I told you that there were a number of different ways to help improve your download and upload speeds so that you never have to wait for hours again. Some of the tips on this list are quite drastic and should be done after you’ve tried all of the other processes that are quite minor and affordable.

Wired Connection

Having a wired connection available between your computer and internet router is a great way to ensure you are getting the best possible internet signal that is perfect for doing big downloads and uploads. This tip is very affordable as your router and computer or laptop should be equipped with the necessary ports, meaning that all you would have to buy is an internet cable to connect the two. It is sometimes the wireless connection quality that will affect the speed of a download so using a wired connection could solve the problem.

Internet Booster

If you absolutely have to do your downloads on a wireless connection then do not worry, there is still a way that you can boost this signal to make it better suited to the strain of a big download or upload. There are many internet boosters available for purchase right now and although the prices do range depending on the quality of the product, you should be able to pick one up at a pretty reasonable price. A booster works to increase the existing signal strength by broadcasting the internet signal and making it stronger.

Change Providers

If after trying the two internet boosting tips above you are not seeing an improvement it may be time for a more drastic change, it is sometimes the case that certain internet providers will have a weaker signal in some areas of the country. This could be the reason why you are struggling with download speeds and so it may be time to switch providers, there are a lot of new providers on the market right now each offering their own deals and packages to new customers and it doesn’t hurt to at least have a look at what is available.

What many people don’t know is that there are some broadband providers without monthly contracts now on the market, this means that you are not stuck in a contract for years stopping you from changing providers so that you can find the best connection quality in your area.

Limit the Devices Using Your Connection

Another way that you can boost your internet connection when doing a download or upload would be to limit the devices that are using your network when you are trying to complete a download. This takes the strain off your connection freeing up more power to be used to speed up the process and ultimately make your life easier.

Put Downloads on Overnight

If all else fails and you are stuck with the reality that you are just going to have to wait for the six-hour download to be finished, it would be a great idea to try and wait until the nighttime and put the download or upload on overnight. This is a great way to save your time and avoid getting stressed and frustrated, you can simply put the download on before you go to sleep, and hopefully, it will be finished by the time you wake up many hours later.

Upgrade Processor

It may not be your internet connection that is to blame when it comes to experiencing slow download and upload speeds, if you are working on an older device then it could be your outdated processor that is to blame. If you are not well versed in the internal workings of a computer then I would recommend that you speak to a professional about getting an upgraded processor to help speed along with your downloads. It is normal for a processor to start to slow down after about four to five years of usage so if it is playing up before this you may want to look at your warranty to see if you are eligible for a replacement device.

Data Storage

The final tip that I have for you that could help with speeding up your download and upload speeds would be to alter how you are storing your personal data and files, if your computer is loaded up with a lot of files then this will put a strain on your processor and the speeds that you experience. In order to rectify this, I would recommend that you invest in a data cloud storage membership so that you can store your data safely without using up your storage.

Understanding Tech: The Many Different Types of Servers

What many of you don’t know is that you probably use servers on a daily basis without even realizing, servers are used to maintain the signals that provide many of our internet and entertainment services at such good speeds and connection quality. Top streaming providers like Youtube, Netflix, and Iplayer all use their own specialized servers that allow us to connect to their huge libraries of content at the push of a button.

Most companies keep the location of their servers a secret in order to prevent any issues or foul play, if anything was to happen to their personal servers then their services would no longer be available to the public, so you can see why they would want to keep them very well protected from any threats. Most servers work in the same way and act as a control hub for any satellite signals that are being used to broadcast their services, they hold a lot of processing power and use up a lot of power to keep them running every day and to maintain a strong connection to be broadcasted worldwide.


Internet Servers

The servers that are used to maintain the whole internet would have to be some of the most powerful in the world, their servers are held over multiple locations worldwide and are linked together to provide an internet connection that is picked up by the routers within our homes. Many different internet service providers use some of the same server hubs to be able to keep their applications running and connected to the internet. In the next few years, we could see a huge revamp of the servers that are used as preparations for the further developments that are set to occur to our internet and the increased scale of technology that is going to be used within more and more households as time progresses. The fact that we are already seeing plans for updates just shows how the technology industry is always developing and the preparations that are being made show us this.


Gaming Servers

Gaming servers are a little different from how our internet servers work in the way that they are not broadcasted on such a large scale, gaming servers basically work to connect parties of players to the relevant game matches that they have selected to play. The servers duplicate themselves so that each lobby is only filled with the necessary amount of players to have a game of whatever is being played and to avoid millions of players joining the same match and crashing the system. The providers that create the games and host the servers are responsible for making sure every player enters the match they want and the power that is needed to simultaneously keep multiple games running at a single moment is comparable to what is needed to maintain a worldwide internet connection, so you can see that there is plenty of money and effort put into allowing you to play your favorite video games.


Entertainment Servers

Another type of server that you are likely to have used at some point in your life is the one that is used to provide the public with the various streaming and entertainment services that are now available. In the last few years, we have seen many new providers start running their own application for watching your favorite shows and movies and the signal that is used has to come from somewhere. As we have seen an increase in streaming platforms we have also seen an increase in the number of server banks that have been created. These servers work alongside the internet to provide a sort of piggyback signal that allows you to access huge libraries of content that can be watched from the comfort of your own home. In the event of these servers going down, they also have access to a highly equipped maintenance team who will get the servers up and running again as soon as they can.


What Happens When a Server Goes Down

When any server goes down you need not worry, due to the fact that many of these service providers are owned by multi-million dollar companies they all have access to their own technical team who work tirelessly to not only avoid any issues but to fix them in case they do happen. It is never usually a long time that the servers will go down as they are manufactured in a way that makes finding the problem easy and fixing the problem is usually a speedy process. IF you are experiencing issues with server connection then it may not be an external problem and the issue may be with your technology, I would recommend that you invest in some form of technical support yourself to avoid being disconnected for long periods of time.

If you are having a consistent issue with connecting to the servers then you may want to think about boosting your internet signal or investing in some form of VPS hosting, this vps host has always been reliable for me and they have managed to optimize my processing speeds to the point that I can be sure if a server issue occurs, it should be an issue with the external connection and I can wait patiently for them to come back online and I can finish my browsing or streaming.

Understanding how 3D Rendering For Gaming Works 

In the last few years, technology has really evolved past a point that even scientists expected. This is especially the case when it comes to the world of gaming. If you are younger, then you probably can’t imagine a world where games didn’t look as they do now, but you may be shocked to know that the current appearance of games is an extremely recent thing. In fact, less than ten years ago the games that we all played were still in 2D for the most part.  

The introduction of 3D technology has really increased the popularity of gaming as a whole and has allowed game designers to put together works that can be compared with works of art. If you have played some of the most recent games, then you will know that it can be difficult to distinguish whether or not you’re playing a game or watching a movie.  

3D rendering has really revolutionized the world of gaming, so much so that some of our favorite game creators are taking some of the more popular 2D games and giving them a new life as a 3D game, one of the best examples of this being Pokemon. 3D rendering is making the world of gaming reach heights that nobody ever expected it to be able to reach, which is why it has become such a valuable tool.  

Like most things, though we appreciate and love 3D rendering, most of us don’t know how it works and what it even is. Unless you are someone that needs to understand it for work purposes, then there is understandably no rush to immerse yourself in all of the surrounding knowledge. However, thanks to the way in which 3D rendering has innovated and almost completely reinvented gaming, it would be a shame to not even try and get a basic understanding of how it works. Here is how 3D rendering for gaming works.  

How does it work? 

Though it may appear real, 3D rendering is actually achievable due to utilizing three-dimensional data that is stored in your computer and using it to create an image that has all of the characteristics of being 3D.  Rendering has been compared to other artistic skills such as photography as it uses light to create the images that you have become familiar with and to give them that realistic feel.  

Though it may appear to be like you are seeing a 3D image, rendering actually works in a really clever way that converts a 3D wireframe into 2D images that can often look close to photorealistic. In the past, this rendering would take a considerable amount of time and so you would have to wait a few days in order to see the results of what you had created. But there are two popular types of rendering which have differing rendering times. 

In real-time rendering  

In the world of gaming, this is probably the kind of rendering that you are most familiar with. This is most commonly used in games and means that the images that you use are rendered quickly. This means that you won’t experience any in-game lagging as a result of slow rendering, this means you won’t have any excuse for your gameplay and it’ll mean you can’t lose if you use the right overwatch cheat and have the right system set up. Something that is important is making sure that the graphics of the game are interactive and immersive, if the rendering speed is slow then that will really take away from the entire experience of the game.  

How France is Upgrading its Communication Network in 2021

Though France is ahead of the world in many ways, there is an area in which France falls short. No matter where you are in the world, you may be familiar with something known as the yellow pages.

The yellow pages feel like something from the past these days, as though many places still produce them, not many people actually use them when trying to find the number that they need. This is because the accessibility of the internet has made it so easy to find the numbers that you need, as well as giving you other ways to get into contact with the people that you need to speak to.

The white pages

France not only uses the yellow pages still, but they also use something known as the white pages. This may seem confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with the practice, after all, why do they need two books to store numbers? The main difference between the two books is their content.

The yellow pages are a directory for business numbers, whereas the white pages can be used to locate the personal number and address of an individual.

The method of the white pages has been used in France since telecommunication became a key part of life. You can find pretty much any name on that registry, as long as a person hasn’t individually applied for their details to be removed.

When the white pages were first introduced, they only housed 200 numbers, which made them extremely manageable. As time has gone on, thousands upon thousands of numbers have been added to the directory, which means the older system of keeping names in a literal book no longer meets the needs of the french people. However, if you want to learn more about the directory system before it is gone, be sure to check out annuairespageblanches.com/.


The white pages have become such an integral part of the French identity that they were not completely ready to let it go. Though it no longer exists in a physical state, you can still find the white pages. This is because it is now entirely digital. Many may ask why they would put the white pages online when people can just google the number that they need. However, it is impossible to find a personal number online, which is why the white pages continue to be used.

The white pages continue to remove with the times, in fact not only can you find the white pages online, but you can also download the directory straight onto your smartphone device. This has made the white pages more accessible than they have ever been and it also means that people can dial calls straight from the app.

Increased safety

When the white pages were in a physical copy, there were a lot of questions about the safety of it.  This is because people had literal books that held lists of people’s locations in them. These days, when you are looking for someone’s number, you need to put in both of their names, as well as their residential area. This makes it much safer than before, as before you can contact someone you need to know something about them at least. Though the safety of the technique is still questionable, there is no doubt that there have been improvements.

As previously stated, people can opt-out of being including amongst the list of people for their own safety and it is now much easier to get your name removed than it has ever been.

The 8 Greatest Tech Innovations Helping the Hospitality Sector

Technology can be a vital aspect of any business sector but perhaps it is most valuable in the hospitality industry. With hospitality businesses deemed non-essential by the government, they have been one of the worst business sectors hit by the pandemic. The following article discusses various advances in technology that could not only help businesses to survive the following season but to thrive for seasons to come.

Cloud Services

Like with many other businesses or even just for personal use, saving your documents and information onto a cloud-like data service can be useful in so many different ways. They can help to have backups of your information in case it is lost for other reasons. It can also make it much easier to share information with co-workers, clients, or other interested parties. Just be careful to make sure they are sent securely as cloud-like data services can sometimes be hacked.

Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in any part of life can be a scary thought, especially in regards to the hospitality sector that so often is dependent on human hospitality. However, the use of artificial intelligence can be extremely beneficial. It can relay basic information such as if there is a spillage or if a guest has a particular request like breakfast in bed, which in turn can leave staff with more free time to attend to other more pressing needs of the customers. It can also help with language barriers if guests only speak a certain language making the experience better for them and thus more likely to use the service again or recommend it to their friends. Just remember that the hospitality sector is one that requires extra IT support which can be seen here as services like artificial intelligence often require a lot of upkeep and maintenance and as such can end up being rather expensive.

Electronic Room Keys

The use of electronic room keys in the form of cards the same size as a credit card are a simple yet useful invention. They can be programmed to let in particular doors so if a guest needs access to more than one door they only need one key card to access it. They also help with security as unlike traditional keys they can’t be copied and require security personal to only need one key as oppose to a whole chain of them that can be easily pickpocketed. Due to their small and slim size, they are also easier for guests to carry as they can slip them into their purses or wallets.

Automated Settings

Automated doors and other electronic devices that can be used by a wave of the hand or command of the voice are a great invention for many reasons and are especially vital nowadays. With the pandemic still raging out of control and no clear ending for lockdown insight, automated devices may be a way for the hospitality sector to recover from the losses of the previous year as we head into the Summer. Devices, doors, and other electronic services that require a voice or non-contact interaction can reduce the risk of spreading diseases between customers and staff.

Online Booking System

Whilst travel agents are still in use, they are few and far between. Nowadays most bookings for holidays are done online which can increase the money going to the business owner and decrease money spent by the customer as there is no third party that needs to be paid. Especially if your hospitality services are somewhat remote then there is little chance of spreading information about your company through pamphlets or work of mouth.

Contactless Payments

Much like the earlier example of contactless doors and devices, the use of contactless payment can be a way for the hospitality sector to remain in use throughout the pandemic. There is less spread of diseases due to the decreased contact. It can also make it easier and simpler for guests when spending money on your service. There is however still a forty-five pound limit on contactless payment which would unlikely be enough to afford a night in a hotel. But there have been talks of raising the maximum contactless amount which it already has been since the start of the lockdown so perhaps it will be raised once again.


Whilst it might seem too futuristic, robots have started to be employed in hotels. They have been used for manual jobs such as cleaning and organizing, as well as jobs are typically done by humans such as welcoming and entertaining guests.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been greatly implemented during the pandemic, with business owners using it to give the potential client an idea of the atmosphere and layout of a hotel or venue before they chose to stay there, for example, if they wanted to book it out for a wedding.

Samsung Vs Apple: Which Brand has the Best Batteries

Ever since the invention of the modern smartphone, there has been a debate over which brand is better, Samsung or Apple. From style, camera, and perhaps most importantly battery life, there are lots of aspects to consider when deciding which one is better, especially when the interpretation of ‘better’ differs from each individual person’s needs and wants. With phone prices continuing to rise and with most of us spending more time on our phones than ever before, it is vital we invest in a mobile phone that is best suited for us. In this article, we will attempt to answer which brand of phone is best suited for you.


What you may not know about Samsung is that the brand actually started life as a traditional grocery store. It was opened by Lee Byung-Chull in Korea in 1938. When the Korean war ended, he expanded his business by beginning to trade in textiles on top of groceries. It wasn’t until 1969 that the company would start to trade electronics. Throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s the company expanded into the global powerhouse it is today. During the 2000s they started making the smartphones that they are most well known for.


The younger of the two companies, Apple was created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Although only two weeks after the company was created Wayne left, selling his stakes in the company back to Jobs and Wozniak. Jobs and Wozniak wanted to make a computer for ordinary people designed for everyday use to be used at home, an idea which was mocked at the time. Their first product the Apple I computer was first sold in 1976 for $666.66. With the invention of the Apple II and Apple III by 1981 only five years after the company’s formation, it had already become one three largest microcomputer-making companies in the world. The first iPhone was released in 2007.

Battery Life

There are many different ways to compare battery life. It can be hard to compare the companies on the entirety of their smartphones so comparing them on a case by case basis using phones released at similar times can be a more reliable way of measuring battery life.

For example, both the Samsung galaxy s5 and the iPhone 6 were released in 2014. The battery for samsung galaxy s5 should last for twenty-four hours whereas the battery for an iPhone 6 would only last for eleven hours. When comparing these two phones there is a clear winner for which has the better battery life with the Samsung galaxy s5 lasting over twice as long as the iPhone 6.

These examples are from a few years ago, however. If we look at both the brand’s most recent phones, the Samsung galaxy s21 and the iPhone 12, the results are still in Samsung’s favor but not by much with the Samsung galaxy s21 lasting on average eleven hours and the iPhone 12 lasting just over eight. These days the average battery life for a smartphone is eleven hours. So, if you want one with longer battery life, then it might be wise to invest in an older model instead. But then this would run the risk of having more faults in other areas of the phone due to outdated software. It is also important to keep in mind that we use our mobile phones more frequently than we did even five years ago with larger leaps in the quality of video playbacks and advanced apps, so this could be a factor in the recent reduction in battery life we see in modern smartphones.

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