7 Tips to Increase your Download and Upload Speeds

We’ve all been there the day of an important download and the dreaded message pops up saying it is going to take a huge amount of time to complete it, what if I told you that there were a number of different ways to help improve your download and upload speeds so that you never have to wait for hours again. Some of the tips on this list are quite drastic and should be done after you’ve tried all of the other processes that are quite minor and affordable.

Wired Connection

Having a wired connection available between your computer and internet router is a great way to ensure you are getting the best possible internet signal that is perfect for doing big downloads and uploads. This tip is very affordable as your router and computer or laptop should be equipped with the necessary ports, meaning that all you would have to buy is an internet cable to connect the two. It is sometimes the wireless connection quality that will affect the speed of a download so using a wired connection could solve the problem.

Internet Booster

If you absolutely have to do your downloads on a wireless connection then do not worry, there is still a way that you can boost this signal to make it better suited to the strain of a big download or upload. There are many internet boosters available for purchase right now and although the prices do range depending on the quality of the product, you should be able to pick one up at a pretty reasonable price. A booster works to increase the existing signal strength by broadcasting the internet signal and making it stronger.

Change Providers

If after trying the two internet boosting tips above you are not seeing an improvement it may be time for a more drastic change, it is sometimes the case that certain internet providers will have a weaker signal in some areas of the country. This could be the reason why you are struggling with download speeds and so it may be time to switch providers, there are a lot of new providers on the market right now each offering their own deals and packages to new customers and it doesn’t hurt to at least have a look at what is available.

What many people don’t know is that there are some broadband providers without monthly contracts now on the market, this means that you are not stuck in a contract for years stopping you from changing providers so that you can find the best connection quality in your area.

Limit the Devices Using Your Connection

Another way that you can boost your internet connection when doing a download or upload would be to limit the devices that are using your network when you are trying to complete a download. This takes the strain off your connection freeing up more power to be used to speed up the process and ultimately make your life easier.

Put Downloads on Overnight

If all else fails and you are stuck with the reality that you are just going to have to wait for the six-hour download to be finished, it would be a great idea to try and wait until the nighttime and put the download or upload on overnight. This is a great way to save your time and avoid getting stressed and frustrated, you can simply put the download on before you go to sleep, and hopefully, it will be finished by the time you wake up many hours later.

Upgrade Processor

It may not be your internet connection that is to blame when it comes to experiencing slow download and upload speeds, if you are working on an older device then it could be your outdated processor that is to blame. If you are not well versed in the internal workings of a computer then I would recommend that you speak to a professional about getting an upgraded processor to help speed along with your downloads. It is normal for a processor to start to slow down after about four to five years of usage so if it is playing up before this you may want to look at your warranty to see if you are eligible for a replacement device.

Data Storage

The final tip that I have for you that could help with speeding up your download and upload speeds would be to alter how you are storing your personal data and files, if your computer is loaded up with a lot of files then this will put a strain on your processor and the speeds that you experience. In order to rectify this, I would recommend that you invest in a data cloud storage membership so that you can store your data safely without using up your storage.

Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security