Are Smartwatches Worth it Yet: A Frank Review

Technology is becoming more advanced and developed every year, before the technological revolution the idea of a smartwatch existing would be baffling to people as it seemed so impossible. Technology has come a long way and its importance to society is continuing to grow, there used to a time when only the rich had computers but now most people spend hours every single day on their own laptops of their phones. A smartwatch is one of the newest popular developments in technology, it is a wearable computer that is designed as a watch, and although each smartwatch is slightly different most of them have similar functions. A smartwatch usually has a touchscreen on it to make it easy for the user and over the years there have become more and more things that are possible to do on a smartwatch. Smartwatches are starting to become more and more popular, 5 years ago only 2% of the adult population owned a smartwatch but now at least 20% of adults own them. As more people are starting to purchase a smartwatch this is making even more people interested, if you’re considering getting a smartwatch then this review will help you to make your decision.  


There are many positives to getting a smartwatch as they are a great piece of technology. Some of the biggest advantages of a smartwatch include things like if you need directions your smartwatch will buzz once to tell you to turn left and buzz twice to tell you to turn right, this is great as it is the most convenient way to receive directions. Smartwatches can also connect to the internet which means that if you’re even in a situation where you need to find something out whether that is what time your local pub shuts at or to find out the secrets of the forest map in afk arena, then you’ll be able to find it out easily by using your watch. Other great features include that most smartwatches can measure your heart rate so you can keep an eye on your fitness levels, they measure how many steps you take daily so you can see if you’re hitting your step target, you can make phone calls and texts from your watch and if you’re bored there are even games available on your smartwatch to keep you entertained.  


Whilst smartwatches are growing in popularity and they seem like they’re a fantastic investment, this isn’t necessarily the case. Smartwatches can be quite expensive so if you already have a smartphone, you might be better off saving your money for something else as everything that your smartwatch will do, your smartphone already does. On top of this, most smartwatches don’t have a great battery life, the battery life will be much worse than it is on your phone. This is inconvenient for those who want to use their smartwatch as a fitness tracker as it means there are many hours a week where the watch is being recharged, actual fitness trackers tend to have a much better battery and are cheaper, so if fitness tracking is your main reason for buying a smartwatch you could consider a Fitbit instead. The other major problem with a smartwatch is the screen size. For the watch to fit on your wrist the screen size has to be small and this limits how user-friendly the watch can be. If you have big fingers then you’re going to struggle using a smartwatch as everything on there has to fit in such a small place, it’s likely you’ll often press the incorrect button.  

Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security