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Are You Concerned About The Computer’s Safety? Know About The 6 Tips  

The computer being an essential part of our daily life needs to be secured from any potential risk. Every field revolves around technology, especially the corporate world is dependent on computers for every task. It is what makes the computer’s safety crucial! The computers and the routers you connect to your devices may face different types of dangers: viruses or spam, or phishing attacks.   

It is very well known that computers were developed to enhance and assist human beings in performing various tasks. Reports suggest that the potential and most common risk that computers face is from viruses. It is necessary to keep an account of all the necessary activities that a person performs through computers. Keep note of websites from which files are being downloaded and do not accept any invites from a malicious or suspected link.  

The threats to computers are never-ending, so there are many types of solutions offered to these issues. But since “prevention is better than cure”, one should be aware of the threats and the precautions that can ensure the computer’s safety. There are many preventive measures suggested by the experts to keep your devices safe and secure. 

Tips to ensure the computer’s safety 

Your computer may contain your personal and professional details; that is what makes its security more important.  The further section includes the details on how to keep the computer safe from any possible threats. 

Do not add the personal details on every other website 

Adding personal information on websites advertised on social media platforms or through the link can be dangerous. Beware of the links or websites whose addresses do not begin with https because these are the most common tactics used by hackers to get their hands on your personal information. 

You may receive emails asking for your details as name, mobile number, or any other bank details, but do not visit the platforms until you have tried to contact them first. These links may look similar to the genuine ones and coated with exciting deals, but you have to do proper research about the site before falling for it. 

Calling the company that offers you that exciting job or deals can be a good idea to ensure your safety to avoid falling prey to phishing attacks. You have been cautious all the time because your computer’s safety ultimately depends on you. 

Keep a check on the time spent using the internet 

The computer, which is generally online all the time, is most vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. If you do not need your computer on the internet, disconnect it to ensure its security. The computers which are 24*7 connected to the router are most likely to be exploited and hacked because such devices attract the phishers more than any other. But this is not going to be favorable for most people who need to be on their computer for their routine activities. As there are several works from home jobs that need the person to be internet-connected all the time, being offline is not practically possible for them. But do not worry; there are several other precautions that a person can adopt for the purpose. 

Install a decent and fair firewall 

A firewall is necessary on both the routers and computers to prevent any bad stuff from harming your computer. Before you purchase an internet connection from any provider of your choice, ask them about the firewall on it. Firewalls on the router and computer can ensure the safety of your data and the device itself. No cybercriminal can interfere with a computer having an appropriate firewall.   

The firewalls offer you a feature to even upgrade it to improve the functions of the firewall installed on your devices. Every operating system has its specific firewall that integrates well with the system. 

Update anti-virus 

 It is a must required feature for every computer because it can be infected with a virus from any source. The virus can slow down your devices, and you may lose your important data stored on them. 

 The anti-virus software needs to be updated from time to time to ensure its proper action. Some people consider that anti-virus software does not serve the purpose and can decrease the computer’s efficiency, but this is wrong. There are many external devices that a person connects to the computer that may contain unknown risks and affect the computer.  

The computer with anti-virus software installed and updated gets a complete scan of the external device and eliminates any virus or malicious threat that can affect the computer. Updating the anti-virus software twice a week is advisable and necessary to prevent the computer’s memory and functioning. There are many in-built security operations on a computer that is free of cost. But for the other important features, you can purchase one that can offer you amazing attributes. 

Use a Reliable browser 

Everyone depends on the search engine to search for their requirements. The requirements vary from person to person and the choice of search browser but always remember to use a genuine and reliable browser to ensure the device’s safety. There are many web browsers, but not all are up-to-date, avoid using such a search engine.  

Google is the most famous search engine because it is the safest of all, and all provide the best results. Using the old browsers has a high-risk probability to the devices. 

Use secure public network 

Do not use the public Wi-Fi that is insecure because these are the criminals’ most favorite cybercrime modes.  The man-in-the-middle form of cyber attack is the most prevailing during such connections because the criminals can insert them between the public Wi-Fi and the individual device. So to keep the compute safe and secure, avoid using the insecure public Wi-Fi network. 

There are many threats to the digital world, which have solutions but try to adopt proper precautions to keep your device secure. Even after the solutions, viruses and malware can affect the functioning efficiency of the computer. So precautions are better than finding a treatment for the issues. 


Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security

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