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Are You Looking To Enhance The Visibility And Security Of Networks? Here Are The Tips

According to the recent fact that has been noticed in the world; it is seen that the number of cyber attacks in the world is increasing at a very higher pace. Almost 62 percent of internet websites and businesses have suffered from cyber security attacks once or other time in their history. People to save themselves from these attacks, do the proper proofing of the website and setups by applying anti-viruses and do the spam filtering bit they forget a very major entry point of the spam and attacking virus. 

That point is the network which you are using for internet connectivity. Many people must be confused about reading the fact, but yes, the hackers also use your connectivity network to breach into your system and take out all the important details. When applying all the important tips through which a person can save them from cyber-attacks, they should also apply the below-mentioned tips. They will help you save your system from network security breaches always. But before that, first of all, understand how the breach is done. 

Know the baselines of the client 

If you want to save your system from any breach, you should know what it looks like. Have you ever experienced a burglar getting into your house? It is the same experience you will feel that your setup is the house and the hacker is the burglar. Now there is a common baseline which a person has to cross if they want to enter the system. They are as follows:- 

  • Physically present baseline 

In this, the hacker will try to understand that the network has used the devices. Through this, they decide that they should be hacking into this network or prefer some other network. If they feel that there is some huge personality on this network, they try to breach that network. 

  • Soft asset baseline  

After the hacker has decided they want to breach this network, they look for the software used through this network. They will find a loophole and see that which is the one application in which they will breach and hack the data. They take up the best application through which they can get the maximum benefit. 

Tips for saving from the cyber network attack  

The below mentioned are the tips that one should always follow:- 

  • Be Sure That The Inventory Of All The Hardware Assets Is Up To Date  

When you are connected to the network, then it is visible that to which client’s network you are connected, which is having complete details of the model and the IP address. Now what you need to do is note down all the baseline details, and then according to the requirement, you can easily make changes in the baseline of the network. The biggest reason the changes in the baseline network are made is that it will take time for the hacker to find the new baseline where they have to attack, and within that frame, if time, you can again make the changes. 

Now it is completely upto you that what are the changes that you want to make, so be sure that you keep all the hardware updated and keep changing all the assets. The benefit will be that the updated version will have very few bugs, and no one will notice them easily. 

  • Analyze That Which Are The Week Points Of The Network That They Can Use 

It is an impossible fact that all the points of your network connection are strong. No matter what software you are using, there is a weakness in it, and if the software provider tells it, then it is well and good; otherwise, you have to fund that weakness. After that, you should work on that weakness to change that into your work’s stronger point. It will confuse the hacker, and they will not be able to hack into your system. 

All you need to do is analyze your system and then, according to that, take a decision that what are the changes that are required to be made in the system. It will provide strong network visibility and reduce the chances of hacking manifolds. 

  • Keep Reading About The Network Ports And The Protocols Issued 

When you start with the device’s documentation, you will notice that there is a connection between the networks and the ports of the device. Sometimes these connections are loose, and the hackers find a point through which they can enter your device and hack it. All you need to do is read all the protocols with the help of which all these loose ends will be corrected. 

There are many times when you will find that there is a suspicion in your device, and someone is trying to breach; then, at that time, you can use the NetFlow tool. It will take a closer look at the activity and then close the port to save the device. 

  • Always Set The Credentials Of The Network Tough 

When you are setting up the credentials for network security, some people make the mistake of setting some easy credentials. They don’t think of spending time setting credentials a=due to which it becomes easy for the hackers to enter your system. That is why always remember that when you are setting up the password or the credentials for your network security, it should be tough. 

No one should be able to breach the system if your credentials are strong. Just remember that you never share your credentials with anyone to save from any issue. 


If you apply these tips, then it is sure then there are no chances of a breach into your system. You can hire some professionals to set up all these issues for you if you don’t know the field. But never leave any kind of loose point as it will increase your information’s chances of leakage and you may have to face some bad consequences. 

Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security

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