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Samsung Vs Apple: Which Brand has the Best Batteries

Ever since the invention of the modern smartphone, there has been a debate over which brand is better, Samsung or Apple. From style, camera, and perhaps most importantly battery life, there are lots of aspects to consider when deciding which one is better, especially when the interpretation of ‘better’ differs from each individual person’s needs […]

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Are You Scared Of Leaking Of Your Online Data? Here Are The Tips To Ensure Safety 

The first concern of the person who is making their presence on any online platform or entering their details online is of cyberattacks. There are many cases in which the hackers attack online websites and leak out the details present on such websites. These attacks are widespread nowadays due to which every person is concerned while […]

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Cyber Crime Has Been Increasing Very Rapidly-Tips To Secure System From Cyber Crime 

In today’s world, the most emerging thing is cybercrime; people spend most of their time on the internet using social media and many other things. Companies save their data online; the internet is the most common thing used by everyone in the world. With the increase in the use of the internet, cybercrime is also […]

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Is It Safe to Work from Home? – Some Major Cyber Crime Risks 

You all might know about today’s pandemic situation in which we are due to the COVID-19 situation, which made the life of every individual full of risks and hardships. Due to COVID-19, people cannot perform their tasks properly, and big firms are facing troubles as their employees are working from home. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the problems they face […]