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7 Tips to Increase your Download and Upload Speeds

We’ve all been there the day of an important download and the dreaded message pops up saying it is going to take a huge amount of time to complete it, what if I told you that there were a number of different ways to help improve your download and upload speeds so that you never […]

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Understanding Tech: The Many Different Types of Servers

What many of you don’t know is that you probably use servers on a daily basis without even realizing, servers are used to maintain the signals that provide many of our internet and entertainment services at such good speeds and connection quality. Top streaming providers like Youtube, Netflix, and Iplayer all use their own specialized […]


The Tech Companies That Sponsor the Most E-Sports Teams   

Esports has become tremendously popular in recent years, pulling in large viewership numbers across a variety of titles. And esports has proven to have a reach beyond the gaming industry. It has changed the way sponsors reach its prized demographic as esports are increasingly visible across streams, television, and elsewhere. I will be talking about different […]

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How France is Upgrading its Communication Network in 2021

Though France is ahead of the world in many ways, there is an area in which France falls short. No matter where you are in the world, you may be familiar with something known as the yellow pages. The yellow pages feel like something from the past these days, as though many places still produce […]

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The 8 Greatest Tech Innovations Helping the Hospitality Sector

Technology can be a vital aspect of any business sector but perhaps it is most valuable in the hospitality industry. With hospitality businesses deemed non-essential by the government, they have been one of the worst business sectors hit by the pandemic. The following article discusses various advances in technology that could not only help businesses […]

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Samsung Vs Apple: Which Brand has the Best Batteries

Ever since the invention of the modern smartphone, there has been a debate over which brand is better, Samsung or Apple. From style, camera, and perhaps most importantly battery life, there are lots of aspects to consider when deciding which one is better, especially when the interpretation of ‘better’ differs from each individual person’s needs […]

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The Ten Hottest Apps Released in 2020

2020 was the year of being at home, thanks to that which will not be named. And this of course led to a surge in the world of remote working, gaming, and spending time online. So which apps came out on top of all the others? In a typical year, I’d expect to see more […]