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Cyber Crime Has Been Increasing Very Rapidly-Tips To Secure System From Cyber Crime 

In today’s world, the most emerging thing is cybercrime; people spend most of their time on the internet using social media and many other things. Companies save their data online; the internet is the most common thing used by everyone in the world. With the increase in the use of the internet, cybercrime is also emerging and at a very alarming rate. If something has never happened to you, that does not mean that it will never happen to you, so always think about all the measures while using some new software or anything. 

Not only the companies but people should also take care of their systems; many times, people get so many calls or messages that may be count as scams. So if we receive that call or something it may affect the personal details, or sometimes they ask for the personal details, so a person should always be attentive at that time and should know that nobody asks for the personal details such as your bank or any other institute won’t ask for your personal details on phone calls. Not only are these things, but there many other ways through that your private information can be affected. 

Tips to secure your system from cybercrime 

A person should be attentive and pay attention to everything that is asked on the internet while searching for something and if they are just normally downloading any application. Here are some tips that can help the person in protecting themselves from cybercrime. 

  • Do not click anywhere without thinking 

One thing that a person needs to focus on while using the internet that just because you click, that does not mean you will click anywhere without thinking. There are many links or websites that can harm your system just if you click on those links. When on your email, you may get many emails that say if you will click on the link, you win such and such amount, but one should know that can never happen. That all the mails are the trap for you, and if you will click on them, you may get trapped. 

They will use all your personal details against you, and sometimes it can go so far that they even get access to your bank details. Malicious links can also do several harm or damage to your system. So always make sure before clicking on anything that whether that site is reliable or not. 

  • Keep your software updated 

If you get irritated or annoyed by those notifications that ask you to update your software, you are alone because everyone gets that. But it is beneficial for you to keep your software updated every time. It is because if you do not get it updated, then that can be a way through the malware can affect your system. So it is better to get annoyed than putting your system at risk. No one wants to get affected or want damage in their system. It will take very little time to reboot your system after updating, then putting yourself at risk of computer infection. 

Not only to the computers but also the mobile need to get updated time to time, whenever it shows a notification for update a person should update it because these viruses do not affect the computers but also your mobile phones too. So, a person should always keep their system updated. 

  • Always use anti-virus or Firewall

Anti-virus or Firewall is the software that protects your system from malware or viruses that can affect or damage your computer in many ways. The anti-virus or firewall blocks the way of entering these malware and other viruses. It gives you a notification from time to time whenever you downloaded the new software or any other file. This software scans your computer every time you use it or every time when the external device is inserted in the customer. 

Using the anti-virus and the firewall is one of the vital things a person should install to defend their system from external malicious problems. It helps in keeping away the hackers, Viruses, and other malicious activities that can occur through the internet or by inserting external devices.

  • Use a strong password 

 To protect your computer or other private information, you need to put a strong password that should be difficult to guess because anyone can determine the easy password, and manly hackers can do that within a second. The password is so crucial to keep the hackers out of your data and system. While using any password, one should consider some points such as the complicated mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols, numbers. To have a strong password, a person should keep it off at least eight characters, and the maximum can be 64 characters. 

A person should keep in mind that they should not use the same password twice because it can be easy for other people to guess it. The other thing that you should consider while using the password that your password should contain at least one lowercase letter and one uppercase letter and some symbols like #$%!. 

  • Secure your mobile devices 

According to the studies, many hackers try to get into your mobile devices because those are easy to go through, a person should keep their mobile safe; they can create a difficult password that should b difficult to track, not just your birth date and not your bank pin especially. Always check the application before downloaded it, whether it safe for your mobile phone or not. 

Do not send your personal information over text or message or not on email, and there are many options that can help you in finding your phone; in case it gets lost, you can go to find my iphone or android manager device. The most important thing is you should always keep your phone updated because this is a vulnerable situation when it is not updated, and hackers can take advantage of that. 

Bottom Line 

 A person may get a pretty much idea from all the above-mentioned tips that it is very important to take care of your system. People also get to know that how paying attention to these tips can help them in protecting from many cybercrimes that are taking place rapidly. 


Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security

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