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    Questions for a possible legal action

    Wow.. it's been awhile since I've been around. :lol: Do you have access to the computer that sent the document out to the printer? The spool file would be out timestamped somewhere that will tell you what printer it was sent to and when it was sent. Just where I would start looking anyway. As...
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    Red-Handed Bandit

    I concur. If you tamper with the evidence, you risk the defense putting up a number of questions about the authenticity of the video, etc. If you need to, purchase another DVR Unit, and let the police use the original unit as evidence. You should have a backup system anyway in case the DVR unit...
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    What does a CCE earn?

    Well...I am starting up my own firm here in a few months and I feel there is enough work out there for a number of people, but it depends on the area. I know of one other firm in this area and they do work outside this area as well. I am limiting myself to local work contacts. The good thing is...
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    Lost data while upgrading to Windows Vista

    I get this story alot from users. Too many things go wrong when just upgrading to a new Windows OS. My advice to anyone else considering the Vista upgrade is make a Ghost (or any other software) backup of your hard drive, wipe it and do a clean install. Ghost has a nice little explorer program...
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    Questions for CCE's in the Rockies and beyond

    In respect to this, the CCE is watched over by the current board, existing of veteran professionals from state and federal agencies. If a CCE examiner was not "up to par" with their work, they should be reported and the CCE board will most likely look into the matter. There are also people...
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    Questions for CCE's in the Rockies and beyond

    I must say something. The CCE is not the same certification as the EnCE or the ACE. Those certifications are vendor specific, training one and displaying the confidence in using their software. The CCE is non-vendor specific and trains and displays the competency in procedure and knowledge of...
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    Questions for CCE's in the Rockies and beyond

    I took my training/certification thru Kennesaw. That is the route I would go if you're doing the program online. I know a CCE in the Colorado area that is regular on the listserv, I'll mention this post and they can go from there. I know that Mr. Mellon actively monitors schools that try and...
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    Drivecrypt plus

    I had thought about this for awhile, but never really tried it. Would it be possible to download and install their management console software: Maybe you need to roll this out to unencrypted PCs first, but I was thinking about if you can add existing...
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    CP Question

    You can't be serious... :roll: Can I compare this to walking into a police station with a kilo of cocaine and asking the Desk Sargent to tell me where can I report this? The mere possession of CP is illegal. While they will be investigating your case, you will most likely be publicized by the...
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    Computer Forensics vs. Healthcare

    The field is NOT easy to get into. Anyone can take classes, but it's after the classes and finding a job that's the hard part. A law enforcement background in not a mandatory skill, but helpful as most are well trained on how to deal with the court system. One pursuing computer forensics will...
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    Computer Forensics vs. Healthcare

    Re: Computer Forensics vs. Helathcare <r><QUOTE author="rbcowman"><s> </e></QUOTE> We won't lie either. <E>:)</E> That range of pay for someone just starting out is very few and far between. Probably the most money you can expect starting out would be in the $36k-$52k range. With a 4-year...
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    Professional Cert vs BA

    In your original post, you did not mention you already had a B.S. degree. You might now consider certification such as the CCE and a vendor certification like EnCase or Forensic Toolkit. Most CF jobs are looking for a computer/technical 4-year degree and some sort of certification in forensics...
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    Professional Cert vs BA

    My opinion is professional certifications are really for people that wish to supplement their existing higher education. if you are starting from scratch, and it is the computer forensics field you want, then there are a few options. One is to go for the B.S. in Computer Forensics. A Bachelors...
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    Champlain College Break Down

    Re: BA or AA <r><QUOTE author="TheMan3276"><s> </e></QUOTE> I am on my last full semester and 1 partial semester, and I am done with the B.S. program.<br/> <br/> The work load depends on the instructor. Some realize that it is an online course and accommodates that everyone is active at...
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    Emails Intercepted

    I am not familiar how AOL, MySpace and Hi5 handle e-mail, but just at a glance, perhaps she added her e-mail address to your accounts (distribution lists, Blind Carbon Copy, etc.) so when you send/receive an e-mail, a copy of that e-mail is also sent to her account. It is highly unlikely a...

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