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    Bloomsburg University CF Program?

    It's a solid program.
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    Disk Cleanup

    The question is, what does it do to files that are open. Does it just skip them?
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    I need some forensics an ubuntu desktop

    I doubt you were hacked. The update most likely has something to do with it.
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    Computer Forensics Information

    So, It's your major but you don't know what it is. Use the search function on these forums to find additional information.
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    Remote computer takeover

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    Disk Cleanup

    Alright, This is a very dumb question and I am sure it's out there somewhere if I jumped around google for a couple minutes. Does anyone know offhand what Disk Cleanup does to files that are currently in use? Also, Do you know the effects of the compression of the files? (Targetting XP Machines)...
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    files have no time/date stamp.

    Sounds like school to me. :twisted:
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    Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference

    Good Afternoon everyone I was curious as if any of you are attending the Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference June 6 - 9 2010 -Just google it if you want any more information on it. Ancient :twisted:
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    How do I search in ftk imager

    This is not meant to offend you but I would pay attention to the dates of the posts you reply to. This one was two years ago, a good rule of thumb on forums is to not bring up "dead" threads unless needed.
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    Hard Drive Repair

    I used Kroll after reaching out to a couple of companies. (If anyone was interested) Also want to note that they have a website that shows you the status of the hard drive.
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    which certification?

    Just look up your target job and what certification they want. indeed dice monster simplyhired
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    Hard Drive Repair

    I realize that most of you might have different solutions for hard drive repair but I thought it would be useful to get an overview of vendor searching and also common solutions. I have recently had couples hard drives come in that were damaged that needed to be analyzed. In a couple cases I...
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    3rd year CF student -- looking for internship

    Zach, Maybe we should create our own forums... Oh wait I think we already have forums.
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    Where Do I Begin?

    I don't believe Bloomsburg University offers online classes. I would suggest looking into an online Masters degree since you already have your bachelors. But if you are interested in a Bachelors degree I would refer to the post made by Phosphorous. Utica would probably be one of my first choices.

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