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    I am using Windows 10 now

    It is not clear to me what kind of advice you are looking for? You may need to clarify and be more specific.
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    Autopsy, windows image and no data

    Well...I'm a bit rusty on this, but my suggestion is you check the $MFT for contents of your missing text files. If the txt file was small enough, the entire contents may have been stored there. Even thought the file is deleted, it may still exist in the MFT slack. To refresh my memory, I did...
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    CompTIA A+

    I completed the A+ exams a number of years ago when they were still 220-801 & 220-802. I just checked out A+ (Plus) Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications and I see they are launching new exams in a couple weeks (on January 15, 2019). The new CompTIA A+ Exam Codes will be 220-1001 & 220-1002...
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    De-Select 100,000+ Records - UnResponsive UFED PA - Spinning Wheel - Hangs

    Oh, I should add I've had this issue with de-selecting a lot less than a 100,000 records.
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    De-Select 100,000+ Records - UnResponsive UFED PA - Spinning Wheel - Hangs

    Hey Jose B. I've actually come across that problem too and haven't found a solution. I would've assumed deselecting records would require no effort from UFED PA, but for some reason it apparently takes a lot of processing power (though windows task manager would seem to indicate not much is...
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    Challenges Digital Forensic Investigators face today in the Cloud

    There are a number of great products out there. I've had experience using Cellebrite UFED Cloud Analzer: UFED Cloud Analyzer - Cellebrite It has worked quite well for the most part. I've also heard good thing about Magnet AXIOM Cloud: Magnet AXIOM Cloud - Magnet Forensics Inc. On their website...
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    Convincing Top Management - DFIR Readiness

    It could be very bad & very expensive if something happens. Convincing management still appears to be a very difficult challenge around the world. Not sure why, especially as every day we hear stories of cyber breaches or malware attacks. I think you need to keep remind them the cost of doing...
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    deleted secure chat in Telegramm

    Hi Marcus, I don’t have experience dealing with Telegram so I can’t give a specific answer. But I would say that until you confirm with testing & research, there is always a chance you might find the data you are looking for, including deleted “secure chats”. Often the answer depends on a...
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    Challenges Digital Forensic Investigators face today in the Cloud

    Hey John, Looks like you have 2 big questions. For now, I’ll just tackle your "concern if someone breaks into the "Cloud" and gets your confidential data?". First, someone could still get your 'confidential data' regardless of where it is stored. Those concerns should exist even if your...

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