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    online forensics schools?

    Ucd computer forensics investigation <t>I would look into university college dublin, Ireland. They have instructors that know what they teach. The only draw back is they only take test in Europe. Right now I am leaving Ireland and looking to continuing my degree. Rumor is Atlanta or Los...
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    3rd International ICST Conference on Digital Forensics &

    Anyone been to this training/seminar. I have a chance to go and would love some input. Eureka :D [Admin: No direct links please]
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    fingerprints on mobile phones recovered from water.

    great help. <r>It was a great help. I am new to a computer forensics program and I am suprized to not find any research or data on anyone trying to study or do reasearch on submerged mobile phones. This is a different field of forensics but it has caught my interest. <br/> <br/> Thank...
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    fingerprints on mobile phones recovered from water.

    Has anyone ever investigated a mobile phone and tried to get prints of of a mobile phone that was in fresh water or salt water? Do you know of any studies or tests that were done with mobile phone that were under water? I am taking a course and the topic came up. I spoke with an expert on...
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    Bachelors in C.J. with a certificate

    Just my thoughts <r>I can speak for the Law enforcement side and say you would meet the min. requirements to hire in LE but as forensics not sure. Most guys that worked CF in their LE jobs had more than what you have or will have. Keep in mind most guys/gals I work with did not go to college...
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    In college, looking to enter into LE DF

    My two cents. <r>What I would do is look for agencies that deal in computer forensics. In the federal side there are many agencies that deal in CF. FBI, OSI, NCIS, ICE just of the ones I aware of. I would look for internships in your area. NCIS has internships and I do believe they are paid...
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    MSc in Cybercrime Investigation/UCD DUBLIN IRELAND.

    UCD computer forensics/ i GOT IN. <r>Well I have been accepted for the FCCI at UCD and I am taking the cell phone forensics course. I want to thank all of you for your help and please peak in to CFW and see whats going on.<br/> <br/> EUREKA <E>:D</E></r>
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    Is UCD Dublin Ireland computer forensics accredited?

    I have applied for the computer forensics program and I need to know if UCD, Dublin Ireland program is accredited in the U.S. Thank you Eureka :D
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    MSc in Cybercrime Investigation/UCD DUBLIN IRELAND.

    I registred/eureka <t>Thank you Benie0 and Limerick<br/> <br/> I have registed and I am waiting for an update. I called one of the prof's. Like some of you suggested and he was nice and very helpful. He stated there are no summer courses.<br/> <br/> The more I look the more I am excited. I...
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    Computer Criminal Profiling? Can it be done?

    My two cents <t>http :// books . google . ie...
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    MSc in Cybercrime Investigation/UCD DUBLIN IRELAND.

    Thank you both for replying. It looks like I will be able to get funding. I am from another country so the Non EU member applies. Are there courses in the sumer time or is it strictly January/Spetember. Is it hard to get into courses or is there space avalible? What is the total cost for a...
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    MSc in Cybercrime Investigation/UCD DUBLIN IRELAND.

    I am living and working in Dublin Ireland and would like to know if there is anyone that has taken the MSc in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation. This is an on-line progam and is for law enforcment only. They have other programs that are open to the genral public. From what I...
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    wiped drive/Need help.

    I recently had a computer that the lap top looked cleaned (wiped). If I used imageing software would I be able to see all previous data or if the computer is wiped will there be little or no data left. What should I expect? :D Eureka
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    encase protable questions.

    I would like to know if any one has used the encase portable? Would you recomend it to others. What is its operational strengths and weakness. I am trying to sell this program to our agency. Do you recomend any other forensic tool? Eureka :D
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    MS MIS grad student, w/ Inf Ass cert, looking for internship

    My thoughts/ OSI/NCIS <r>I would contact OSI, NCIS, SECRET SERVICE AND ARMY CID. Is there a requirement that your internship be non paid. NCIS has paid internships. I would go on the perspective web sites and make some phone calls. Great way to get into an agency. ICE may have internships...

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