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    Can we read the stegonography or not?

    I think a bigger issue here is how much trouble you have potentially gotten your father-in-law into. Just be careful in situations like this, and almost as important, be careful, very extremely careful what you post on a public forum.
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    CP Investigation

    While I agree with your theory, I lecture and do demonstrations for "competent" examiners at least once a month all over the country (and even in Europe a few times). They all say the same thing, yet they show me over and over again that it's much easier said than done. The fact of the matter...
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    Pinpointing Wireless Devices

    Get Wififofum. As far as location, the radar screen mode suits the task much better than netstumbler alone. I have it on a laptop and also have the Pocket PC version on my smartphone. Keep in mind, things such as Airmagnet and others might be slight overkill, because you're not really trying...
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    Kazaa and CP?

    And quite easily I might add.
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    The Application of Computer Forensics

    Solid advice and by the way, a good book. I have it in my collection.
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    CP Investigation

    1. I've went through the process of getting a warrant many times for the situation you're in, and to be honest with you, it's not that easy. So I think you're better off assuming that if they seized your machine and presented a warrant, they had relatively good reason. 2. I wouldn't put to...

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