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    Computer Forensics in the Midwest (Indiana)

    It depends where you're going in Northern Indiana. If it's South Bend that's ones thing, but Hammond, In is in Chicago's suburbs.
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    Any Video out there on Computer Forensics?

    If you like iTunes CERIAS has had Marcus Rogers, Brian Carrier, and several other researchers talk on their video podcast. Search for Cerias on iTunes and download for free one to two hour briefings. They're pretty good for state of the science. If you have iTunes this link should take you to...
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    Evidence Deletion

    brake cleaner works much better than a bomb. Removes the coating from the disks and makes a real mess instantly and fairly (compared to a bomb) quietly.
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    Computer Investigator v Computer Analyst?

    clarkwgriswold I imagine you're not joking around either and it's just another juvenile slam for some odd reason. You obviously never quite understood what I wrote before. I'll talk slower this time..... University choice is a persons choice and they all have their benefits and issues. But, then...
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    Computer Investigator v Computer Analyst?

    I won't give you the answer but I'll give you the tools to go get it.... Go to and look up "computer analyst" and "computer investigator". That should give you a pretty good idea. Google the terms too that might help.
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    Online Schools

    Thanks Dennis you nailed it 100 percent. sam
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    Criminal Records

    I tell my students this: If you've done drugs and not got caught you might get a job. Until they do the background check. If you've done drugs, or have a felony you won't get a job so change majors. Somebody somewhere if not your own blood will out you. If you've ever worn handcuffs it's...
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    Thesis Ideas...

    Knowing the answers is good, but knowing good questions is better. First when trying to get an idea about research think about everything in questions not topics. "Phishing" is a topic, "Is their a direct correlation between the elderly and phishing?" is a research question. Keeping a research...
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    Any Video out there on Computer Forensics?

    Blackhat Briefings have some video and audio. But, by no means does that replace course work.
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    Computer Forensics at Uni in UK

    I believe East London University was working on a Computer Forensics Program.
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    Online Schools

    Good point Slider. This is an interesting discussion going on here but are you sure a public University is interested in YOUR education? Private schools are not all "for profit", and the profit status is not what students should care about when looking for a school. As undergraduate students...
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    CHFI vs. ACE

    The term "hacker" has a long if stained history. Hacker has existed longer than the modern computer back to the original days of telephone and amateur radio. So that term you so blithely toss aside as "goofy slang terminology" is a fully relevant term. The term has been used in peer reviewed...
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    Analyze a SAN Storage

    I'm actually involved in some research on this issue. As the image sizes increase the storage required for the image increases and the likelihood of a simple hash will take longer than the investigator has life time. FoNet is a distributed forensics system that allows you to break up the job...
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    1 TB Consumer Grade Hard Drives and Forensic Analysis

    Seagate is set to release a consumer level 1TB hard drive within their Baracuda line of drives. Daily Tech has a bit of information on the new drive (http:// Personally I think it would make a great PVR disk and at a likely street price of $400 it won't...
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    Which Degree?

    One way to go the law enforcement way is to get into a crime lab. I've had a blast working around crime labs though where I'm at now I don't do that kind of work much. You can also get experienced in other evidence processing and analysis tools too.

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