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    opening a bkf extention with encase

    when i put it in Encase it opens as a single file. Is there a way that i can open it and browse it? I would like to explore it. to do that do I need to change its file type? Okay thank you.
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    opening a bkf extention with encase

    okay, I am taking a case from a coworker. he, for some reason instead of giving my the encase files, gave me a dvd with a bkf extention. Is encase able to take back up files and give them a look through? or do I need to do other things to make this file readable... sorry I know its a dumb...
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    Infected with a virus thats stealing passwords

    Okay, I plan on using Encase to do this. I guess I should have mentioned that. thanks for the help
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    Infected with a virus thats stealing passwords

    Okay well heres my problem. I just recieved a hard drive that have been infected with a virus/trojan that has stolen passwords, and I need to check it all out and give a report. So what I'm figuring to do so far is to mount the drive, then conduct several anti-virus scans on it. After that I...
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    Using EnCase to find trojans

    excellent thank you very much.
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    Using EnCase to find trojans

    Is there anti virus software that is capable of scanning the encase evidence files for trojans? Or once you add the evidence in encase v5 are you able to use an enscript to search for viruses? I'm pretty new to encase, and am trying to figure out how to do what I was told to... thanks alot for...

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