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    ! Computer Forensics, A day in the life?

    Ah yes, that sounds much more stressful then your typical public speaking! :) Thank you Paul for replying I am finding the digital forensics field to be WAY more open-ended then I ever imagined. I have less then two weeks to decide if I will sign up for a two year diploma program at BCIT (a...
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    For anyone looking to get into Forensics....

    Thank you all for the very useful information posted here.... In fact, especially PreferredUser because you are making me rethink if this is something that I really want to get into. The more that I dwell into this subject, the more that I am realizing just how much knowledge and expertise...
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    ! Computer Forensics, A day in the life?

    Hello, I am curious as to what part of it is stressfull? From an outsider's point of view, it seems straight forward in giving answers, so where does the stress come from? I am currently trying to figure out if this is a right career choice for me, so any and all information is welcome...

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