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    Volatility shows network connection PID but pslit doesn't

    Hello, I'm investigating a windows memory dump and with connscan I find a web connection with a certain PID. However, when I issue pslist, pstree or psscan I can't seem to find that PID. ¿Any clue about this? ¿Where is that damn process? Thanks!
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    FMEM and DD segmentation fault

    Yes. I am running it directly as root
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    FMEM and DD segmentation fault

    Hi all, I am trying to acquire a live memory dump from an Ubuntu system. This is what I do: 1. Download fmem tool 2. Compile it with make and run ./sh 3. A /dev/fmem is created I know this is a special file and I have to specify the size for dd. However, I either end up with a small file or I...
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    Autopsy, windows image and no data

    Hello, @BIOS First of all, many thanks for your reply. Indeed I have found some filenames ending in "-slack", and I don't know what they mean (I have to do a deeper read to your links). I have opened my $MFT file with a hex viewer and I have searched for the name of the original file, with no...
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    Autopsy, windows image and no data

    Hello, I'm new to forensics and I'm performing some tests with Autopsy and a Windows dump image. It's a challenge. I am supposed to find relevant info. That's what I have found so far: - $Logfile, $MFT and orphaned files. - 2 JPG images. - 2 txt files with the same name. One of them deleted...

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