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    Folder in Temp Internet

    What are the viable reasons to find folders in the Documents Settings\URA User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\ABC123\testdocument.doc Obviously ABC123 has been renamed, but the path (minus the name change) is on point. ABC folder creation date is several years ago, but the A&M dates...
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    How would a client that you handed a CD to with all the data they asked for search it, as anything you would give them would have to be on the CD or they would have to have pre-installed. i.e. You image a 100GB drive and the client wanted all .doc files, but wants to keyword search them. You...
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    Just checking in to see how you handle situations where you are to image a drive and then the client wants to "browse" the data on a CD or hard drive you provide to them. Are you using tools from companies like IPro? Sometimes the FTK or Encase report isn't enough and they want to search the...
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    What do you use to deal with GroupWise email? Anyone use Network Email (Paraben), then export to a folder, and acquire in FTK? Or Uinaccess? [/u]
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    Does my work-study job count?

    " If you have doubts about the quality of the experience that an internship provided, then ask them to explain the work they performed and give examples of how they would handle example situations." Why go through all that when you can take someone with experience?
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    Speculation within Forensic Reports

    You don't offer opinions in reports. You concur, refute or mitigate facts. If you are offered up as an expert and accepted as an expert, you may fire away on your opinions, but as you will be gently questioned by the person who hired you, you will be harshly questioned by the opposing counsel.
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    IACIS Application Process

    I seriously wonder if people who can't figure out how to join an association should be allowed to join. Seriously man, if you go to the site there is a link for join. This is what frustrates me about things like this, it's either someone is really really lazy, can't read, are a poor...
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    What is he thinking?

    It's ok, the first case this guy gets where there is an actual expert on the other side, he will be exposed.
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    What is he thinking?

    Rather than further hijack Sleepy's thread, I figured I would post this here. Moppin64 posted to another thread the item below "I would do the work myself, that way I know it's done right. I would give my work to an expert and then they could verify it, and probably agree with it. They would...
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    Does my work-study job count?

    So as a defendant you would do the expert work yourself, then call yourself as an expert witness.
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    Does my work-study job count?

    What does being the only white person have to do with anything? As far as credit. I am along the same lines as DoD, and I go back to what I have posted before. If your life was on the line and your choice was a seasoned person with years of experience or a person who just got done doing an...
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    Online Degree vs traditional

    University of Phoenix will not help you get a job anywhere, even with a masters. While the university is legit, it advertises on tv, radio, via popup's, etc. That shoud tell you something.
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    Experience Required?

    Part of the problem with the experience issue is that people see ads on tv for things like "GET A CAREER IN COMPUTER FORENSICS" crime scene tech, etc. And they start taking classes. Then (I wish I had $1 for everytime someone posted this) they post saying I'm in my junior or senior year and...
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    Currently in school & not sure what to do from here

    An internship with a computer repair shop? Cyber crime could be many things, either, LE or non LE either way if you are working for the defense or for LE the attorneys counsel would have a field day with someone who is a stay at home mom with no experience and a possible internship at a small...
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    Salaries in the DC area (Planning to apply to GWU's HTCI)

    "Forensic Psychology and Counseling Psychology" Have nothing to do with CF. Why would you expect to be paid based on degrees which have nothing to do with the work you want to do. On another note what do you think that the Director of the program is going to tell you? that there are no jobs...
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    Password Recovery

    Why offer help to someone who doesn't identify themselves? We have no idea why he wants to get this info.
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    Identity of an armed surfer

    I understand that people post needing help on items, but if you are not in the industry and not sure of what you are doing, then why not listen and hire a professional. People who offer any other help to non professionals are doing them a major disservice if cases like this go to trial. I sure...
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    Who made that CD?

    Hire someone who is in the field. Something like that wouldn't cost much and just by your I've been thrust into the world of CF comment, you wouldn't be able to explain why you were doing what you were doing by just reading a forum and implementing what someone posted for you to do.
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    153GB on hard drive

    Laura, Have you taken any of FTK's courses? While you trade time up front for indexing, you gain time on the back end from not having to wait for indexed searches. Live searches still take time as well as internet searches and data carving (unless you specify upfront).
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    Grep searches

    Good reply Kern. What are some examples of strings you use (the actual string) Maybe this thread can get some good responses and can sticky for others who do this a lot through different software.
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    Grep searches

    Just to try to generate some talk, what GREP searches do you find that you use the most? Do you like to use third party software like DS or do you stick with FTK and Encase?
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    LF Examiner in Indianapolis

    Sorry, for any people responding I should have added that you need to have been previously qualified as an expert in Federal Court.
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    Identity of an armed surfer

    Hire a professional.
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    LF Examiner in Indianapolis

    You can email the CV to Thanks for the reply.
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    The best of the best

    You really need a bunch of training before you take on any cases. There is no one in their right mind that would knock AD. If you take their training and buy the software at the class, you get a much better price.
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    ACE Certification

    You will need to attend their training first.
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    Great Missouri Appeals Court decision (very helpful)

    If people drove 6 hours and had any problems at all, (which weren't resolved while they were there) then I would say it was their own fault. I go nowhere without a signed order from a Federal Judge/Magistrate. In that order I am specifically named as well as the media I will be using. Until...
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    LF Examiner in Indianapolis

    Sam lives in Marion too...
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    LF Examiner in Indianapolis

    Need someone whose office is in either Marion or a contiguous county. 6 total computers need imaging and reviewed. You will receive a sizable retainer up front. Please backchannel your CV if interested. Thanks.
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    Computer Forensics in the Midwest (Indiana)

    Hello, There are plenty of CF companies in Indiana. What search criteria were you looking for in the various engines?
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    Education and Getting into forensics

    Hello, Did you try the search function? This topic is the most asked about topic on ANY computer forensic board.
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    Computer Security Specialist looking for consulting work

    Hello, Where image is everything in this business, I don't think having those paid ad's on your page is a good idea. The money you could save getting that page hosted on a good service, ad free could be made up in the first person who decides to hire you based on your page appearance. This...
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    Incident Response Team

    These kind of posts (especially from a new member with 1 post) always bother me. Why are you using "say that you are"?? Identify yourself, student, officer, high school student trying to figure out a major, criminal who would like more info on what police would bring with them?
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    Good courses for breaking into the field?

    This issue has been covered a large number of times, and is probably the most asked question on here. Try the search function and then if there are further questions you can be more specific on what you are looking for.
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    Couple of (dumb) questions for aspiring federal agent...

    Without knowing about the field, I am curious how you feel you can "make a difference" What is it you would be making a difference in? How much do you know about the Federal court system? IMHO you should go sit through a trial in whatever circuit you live in and see exactly how things work...
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    Lost data while upgrading to Windows Vista

    Why is any of this in a computer forensic forum? I know that the thing that broke up a lot of other forums was people with very limited time checking the forums and having to sift through posts like this. Even though this is a misc. section, I would think that it would still be misc about...
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    Reading, john Vacca-Computer Forensics, now what?

    Cooljoe, If the point comes where you ever need to testify and as you said you realize you are in over your head, you would have already done the work and it an expert isn't going to help reverse the clock on what you have changed already.
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    Questions for CCE's in the Rockies and beyond

    Hi Wilber, The practicals that you speak of, do you do them in the privacy of your office, home, or other place you would like, or are they done with the people that are testing you in the same room?
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    Questions for CCE's in the Rockies and beyond

    There is no standard cert in this industry, so you can go for the Ence, ACE, or any other cert, don't just rely on the CCE for your choice. In addition, remember that a cert is only as good as the people it represents. The questions that are on tests are from the people making those tests and...
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    Court Case with yahoo messenger logs

    You are making your first forum post a plug for your company?
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    ntuser.dat.log says "dirty"
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    If MD5 isn't trustworthy, what would you use

    I totally agree with you that details matter, in this instance my point was just that they met what they were trying to do.
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    If MD5 isn't trustworthy, what would you use

    Details do matter. It has been said that is has been cracked and that the group/person that has cracked it will not release any information on it for legal reasons. Cracked can be through the use of a keygen, cracked reg file, serial, etc. The end result being working access to the file...
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    Computer Investigator v Computer Analyst?

    If you went to a mega university he would have given you the answer.
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    A+ Certification

    One thing I do not like about tests, while not specifically the A+ would be that there are no options for someone to read the test to you. If you don't take tests well or have had any kind of learning disability they should make it available for someone to read the questions to you. Some...
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    Law Enforcement versus Private Industry Career

    I personally don't think you can be taught to be an investigator. You either have it or you don't have it. People end up getting taught robot like methods to get from acquisition to the end report, not ending up with much training in what happens if from A B C D if B is missing. That...
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    If MD5 isn't trustworthy, what would you use

    Almost everything gets cracked immediately, that is just how it is. It doesn't change the fact of people explaining to a prosecutor, Judge, jury, etc. that this is done by people with the specific purpose of cracking it. The average person would have absolutely no clue how to do what the...
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    Online Schools

    Selil, Rather than post all this "I personally have three undergraduate degrees, one from a mega school, and two from small (less than 1000 students) private schools. I also have one graduate degree from a private University. I am completing another graduate degree at a mega school some time...
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    Computer Forensics?

    That hurt my eyes so bad to read. Have to sign off now, need to rest eyes.
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    ABC News on false CP possession

    I saw that piece and while I do a lot of defense work, I was not impressed with the expert for the defense. They briefly showed on the screen the names of the 200 or so viruses or spyware on the computer that she said did this, and I would venture to say that most of us have several of those on...

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