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    Bloomsburg University CF Program?

    It's a solid program.
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    Disk Cleanup

    The question is, what does it do to files that are open. Does it just skip them?
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    I need some forensics an ubuntu desktop

    I doubt you were hacked. The update most likely has something to do with it.
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    Computer Forensics Information

    So, It's your major but you don't know what it is. Use the search function on these forums to find additional information.
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    Remote computer takeover

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    Disk Cleanup

    Alright, This is a very dumb question and I am sure it's out there somewhere if I jumped around google for a couple minutes. Does anyone know offhand what Disk Cleanup does to files that are currently in use? Also, Do you know the effects of the compression of the files? (Targetting XP Machines)...
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    files have no time/date stamp.

    Sounds like school to me. :twisted:
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    Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference

    Good Afternoon everyone I was curious as if any of you are attending the Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference June 6 - 9 2010 -Just google it if you want any more information on it. Ancient :twisted:
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    How do I search in ftk imager

    This is not meant to offend you but I would pay attention to the dates of the posts you reply to. This one was two years ago, a good rule of thumb on forums is to not bring up "dead" threads unless needed.
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    Hard Drive Repair

    I used Kroll after reaching out to a couple of companies. (If anyone was interested) Also want to note that they have a website that shows you the status of the hard drive.
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    which certification?

    Just look up your target job and what certification they want. indeed dice monster simplyhired
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    Hard Drive Repair

    I realize that most of you might have different solutions for hard drive repair but I thought it would be useful to get an overview of vendor searching and also common solutions. I have recently had couples hard drives come in that were damaged that needed to be analyzed. In a couple cases I...
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    3rd year CF student -- looking for internship

    Zach, Maybe we should create our own forums... Oh wait I think we already have forums.
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    Where Do I Begin?

    I don't believe Bloomsburg University offers online classes. I would suggest looking into an online Masters degree since you already have your bachelors. But if you are interested in a Bachelors degree I would refer to the post made by Phosphorous. Utica would probably be one of my first choices.
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    3rd year CF student -- looking for internship

    I know that the FBI does hire interns for computer forensics. But I would also look into the NSA or CIA. There is a good amount of computer forensic consulting firms to look into along with government contractors too which may lead to a long term job in the future. Most of the government...
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    Registry Analysis

    Good points. In this situation the user would be fired and you would be the acting IT Administrator. There is no need for looking into legal ramifications. It would just be the case of finding if the user had any strange programs on his computer or if he moved documents off his laptop onto a...
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    Registry Analysis

    Yep, Just looking for how you would approach the situation.
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    Registry Analysis

    Real Scenario: Registry Analysis What is there to get from the Registry? - or anywhere else for that matter A employee is fired from a company, you receive the laptop. Your only able to log in under Administrator. What are the best practices in this situation? -Limited Registry Analysis (USB...
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    I would speak with your professor to get more detail on what he wants you to do then come back and post again or ask another student.
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    Question about certifications and a bachelors degree

    Not sure if this answers your question. But it seems that you have two things going on here, either going towards Security or going towards Computer Forensics. Some jobs in the "CF" field require a great deal of travelling and some don't. I would imagine some of the higher paying jobs require...
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    Am I on the right track???

    It depends on what jobs you apply to. Some jobs just simply require that you have your A+ Certification and some don't. You can still apply to these jobs and possibly get them without any certifications but it depends on what they are looking for. In my opinion people who don't know what they...
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    Western Digital External HD error tones

    Buy an identical HD and switch platters?
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    Where Do I Begin?

    Bloomsburg University.
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    Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Forensics?

    Re: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Forensic <r><QUOTE author="Onmyway1987"><s> </e></QUOTE> Your not going to get responses to questions already answered. If you look throughout the forums I see these questions asked every other day. Here is a link that might help:<br/> <URL...
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    Where Do I Begin?

    To be honest I am not sure how online schools really work out their programs. But I think it would be more beneficial to get hands on experience. Going on campus may give you the opportunity to get familiar with Encase and FTK which aren't cheap.
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    Bloomsburg University
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    Computer Forensics Certification

    Re: Certification question <r><QUOTE author="paustinnew"><s> </e></QUOTE> I would assume the EnCASE cert and the CCE would be your best bet then.</r>
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    Computer Forensics Certification

    What software are you going to use for your incidents?
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    Hello Everyone

    Please don't post on threads this old. You have posted around 10 times today in less than 10 minutes. These should be more constructive posts, keep in mind that most of the people on these forums may be potential employers. Most of the info you are looking for easily available by searches. I am...
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    Best way to make a career switch, already have degree

    Engrdean, I would advise you to go with option 3 or 4. A degree will only get you so far, the best way to figure out what you need to do is searching jobs that are currently posted and comparing them to your resume and then go from there. With your education you could look for an entry level job...
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    Popular Computer Forensic Tools

    This is really discussed all over these forums if you just look around more. There is actually a thread dedicated to "beginners" with computer forensics. EnCE is a well known tool and widely accepted. You should also look into FTK. There are many tools out there but I feel that the best way to...
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    LimeWireTM Log Analysis Tool

    I agree with PreferredUser. Keep up the good work! What language is the program in? -Ancient
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    Computer Forensics and Terrorism

    I would suggest looking into Steganography.
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    Hello, new here!

    I would really suggest getting a book on File Systems or a general book on Computer Forensics before making a the commitment. :)
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    intership help

    check out indeed dot com They have tons of job postings there.
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    Computer Forensics Master's Degree

    What employers reach out to GMU for internships/jobs dealing with Computer Security/Forensics that any of you know of?
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    Internship Value?

    Working for the government I would assume you would most likely secure a job for the future, probably get a security clearance and also have a secure job. Cons: You will probably do the same thing over and over again. Working for a private firm, you will get a range of experience depending on...
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    Your mobo has nothing to do with any of this. What happens when you go through add/remove programs in CP?
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    entry level job advice

    www . indeed .com
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    Why Not?

    It's always a good thing to hide your identity.
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    Need Opinions, FAST! Please?

    Unless there is a job that you could get close to where you live, I'd say no. Because you would probably either have to relocate or travel often. That's just my opinion, I may be wrong.
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    Myspace Suicide; traceable?

    If it fell into the investigation I don't see why they wouldn't. In this case I am not really sure, If you or the person did talk to her and have anything that would help the cops with their investigation it's better for you to contact them first...
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    Am I doing the right thing?

    Re: Thanks for your reply! <r><QUOTE author="charlestperry"><s> </e></QUOTE> In my opinion those classes look really good, If I could come up with my own list of classes to take in school I'd probably want it to be them.</r>
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    Computer Foensics, Homeland Security, or Computer Security

    How hard do you think it would be to eventually get into Homeland Security, with an Associates Degree in Information Systems, Bachelors in IT specializing in Networking, and several certifications such as A+, Security+ and MCSA?
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    I have a certification question

    This I find hilarious.. "i dont know much about anything, but i have alot of knowledge" The Certs you listed aren't computer forensic certs, they are related in some ways and help towards computer forensics? CISSP is what I think you were meaning to list also. Best advice is to look up the...
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    Job Roles

    I'm a student also, So I can't speak in the sense that I know what is out there. But I'm sure if you like doing this, there has to be something out there for you. There are probably computer forensic related jobs out there that will take a degree in CF also. Don't let something like public...
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    Job Roles

    I would imagine there are jobs out there that you wouldn't have to go to court for in computer forensics at first. But you should eventually get over your public speaking issue. Join a fraternity or take public speaking, I was the same way a while ago... But I got past it because I was...

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