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    Folder in Temp Internet

    What are the viable reasons to find folders in the Documents Settings\URA User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\ABC123\testdocument.doc Obviously ABC123 has been renamed, but the path (minus the name change) is on point. ABC folder creation date is several years ago, but the A&M dates...
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    Just checking in to see how you handle situations where you are to image a drive and then the client wants to "browse" the data on a CD or hard drive you provide to them. Are you using tools from companies like IPro? Sometimes the FTK or Encase report isn't enough and they want to search the...
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    What do you use to deal with GroupWise email? Anyone use Network Email (Paraben), then export to a folder, and acquire in FTK? Or Uinaccess? [/u]
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    What is he thinking?

    Rather than further hijack Sleepy's thread, I figured I would post this here. Moppin64 posted to another thread the item below "I would do the work myself, that way I know it's done right. I would give my work to an expert and then they could verify it, and probably agree with it. They would...
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    Grep searches

    Just to try to generate some talk, what GREP searches do you find that you use the most? Do you like to use third party software like DS or do you stick with FTK and Encase?
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    LF Examiner in Indianapolis

    Need someone whose office is in either Marion or a contiguous county. 6 total computers need imaging and reviewed. You will receive a sizable retainer up front. Please backchannel your CV if interested. Thanks.
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    Do you research?

    I have noticed a large number of posts like the .gho post there if someone even takes one step to google something then they would get a response It is the FIRST hit in google even if you only type in .gho. Or someone asking about schools, research...

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