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    Disk Cleanup

    Alright, This is a very dumb question and I am sure it's out there somewhere if I jumped around google for a couple minutes. Does anyone know offhand what Disk Cleanup does to files that are currently in use? Also, Do you know the effects of the compression of the files? (Targetting XP Machines)...
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    Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference

    Good Afternoon everyone I was curious as if any of you are attending the Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference June 6 - 9 2010 -Just google it if you want any more information on it. Ancient :twisted:
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    Hard Drive Repair

    I realize that most of you might have different solutions for hard drive repair but I thought it would be useful to get an overview of vendor searching and also common solutions. I have recently had couples hard drives come in that were damaged that needed to be analyzed. In a couple cases I...
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    Registry Analysis

    Real Scenario: Registry Analysis What is there to get from the Registry? - or anywhere else for that matter A employee is fired from a company, you receive the laptop. Your only able to log in under Administrator. What are the best practices in this situation? -Limited Registry Analysis (USB...
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    Master Degree Discussion

    I understand there are a variety of postings related to this topic, But I am looking for more up to date suggestions and advice. I am looking into good master degree programs, that would get me into the Computer Forensic/Security world so to speak. I'm going to have my bachelors in Information...
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    Computer Forensic Conference 08

    Any of you guys going to the Techno Forensic Conference in Maryland this month? I'm pretty sure I am, so I'll most likely see you there! :)
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    Looking for Internship

    Hello, I'm looking for an internship for this summer. Also, will accept any advice on internships or jobs that will successfully get me a job in the CF field VIA email. First of all, I'm willing to relocate to a variety of locations for this internship and if all goes well move there perm...
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    Degree Certs Question

    This question may have been answered, I couldn't find the answer I wanted so I decided to post the question here... If you were to get a Bachelors Degree 1. Which would be better to go on into computer forensics in the future? a. Networking b. Information Systems 2. Would it be hard to get a...
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    Job Placement

    This is a pretty broad topic which I hope there will be much circulation over, so here it goes.. I've browsed different forums and have observed most jobs are available in, Washington DC UK London etc. Do you think it will change? Are there other "hot spots" for computer forensic employment...
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    Conferences (2008)?

    I'm looking for an all around good conference to go to, I'm primarily looking for one that has some recruiting taking place. I am also looking for one that may have a discount for students? Possibly. . I know some of them are thinking about it.. But if not that's alright, list it anyways...
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    Freeware for wireless sniffing

    I am looking for the top programs for sniffing wireless traffic which are free... I know of some but; if you have any preferences i would appreciate if you would inform me! I'm looking for something like CAIN
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    Data Mining Crawler

    I'm attempting to make a crawler to data mine websites and also hopefully follow other crawlers.. almost a stalker crawler; Anyways... Anyone have any information or open source that could give me a head start? Or even ideas! Thank you Ancient
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    DoD Clearance

    I'm looking for the best way to acquire a DoD Security Clearance. I'm not exactly new the the CF world; but Clearances are a total new page for me so I really would appreciate any fast responses into how I can get this, what it would cost me and also what the best way it to achieve this? I...
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    Bloomsburg University

    I do attend Bloomsburg University majoring in Computer Forensics, I thought I would voice out and let everyone know that it is a very good school for Computer Forensics. The professors here are amazing. If you have any questions, from a students perspective just feel free to post. I've seen...
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    Internship in Washington DC (Looking for)

    I am not recruiting for an Internship; I am looking for one. Primarily one in the Washington DC area, in the area of Computer Forensics. I will settle for a programming, networking, security, and or repair internship; Basically If you are looking for an intern hopefully in the are of computer...
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    Small Scale Devices

    Anyone on these forums ever purchase any products for small scale devices in digital forensics for cell phones or other devices; or have ever done any examination on them? If so, please give me some insight; It's caught my eye.. I'm doing some research but it would be very useful if someone that...

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