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    ABC News on false CP possession (By "false" in this context, I meant he didn't deliberately or knowingly download it) The behavior of the prosecution in this case is really appalling to me, at least the way it is being reported. I always take ABC with a grain of salt...
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    netcat - multiple files?

    Is there any way to get netcat to work with multiple files in one session? If not, any suggestions on a similar transfer method?
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    Certs and cost

    I have been through a couple of semi-local forensics courses, and have studied on my own for about a year. Now I'm looking at certification. Eventually I'd like to go for the CCE, but I have a background in networking, so I'm looking at the CEH (Ethical Hacker) cert. But if I choose self study...
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    Windows version of "foremost" for data carving?

    I've been using a Win32 version of Foremost v1.0 for a while now, but I can't figure out where I found the darn thing. I saw that a new Linux version (v1.1) was released and assumed I'd find the Win32 version there also, but no luck. I tried the help switch, but only got the names of the...
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    Foremost v1.0 for Windows released

    I was in need of doing some data carving and noticed that FTK's built-in utility only looks for a few file types, and not the ones I was looking for. I've use the Linux version of "foremost" with pretty good success, and I just found that there is a new version for Windows. I tried it out and it...
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    Open Source hashing program (SHA256 & 512)

    With certain folks bringing challenges to the MD5 and SHA1 hashing algorithms (, I wanted to find a free SHA256 and SHA512 program. I found an open source one called "Rehash" at It is a DOS (Win32) based...
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    Privately employed or publicly?

    Just a general question to the group: Are you employed privately or publicly? What do you think the advantages/disadvantages are to each? I'm thinking that if I have a chance to work for the county, that would be a better situation due to having a number of benefits provided (health, etc).

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