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  1. Randomaccess

    IPhone Forensic Extrction

    I'm only aware of one company, grayshift, that won't sell to non law enforcement. All the others work with both LE and non LE. Which other companies will only sell phone extraction tools to LE?
  2. Randomaccess

    IPhone Forensic Extrction

    That's not exactly true There's a couple of tools that you can use to perform this type of extraction (Belkasoft's BAT and Magnet Acquire both are free tools for it). And the cable for an iPhone extraction is a standard iPhone cable. Parsing the data; paid tools generally do a more...
  3. Randomaccess

    What is your favorite Mobile Forensics Suite and Why?

    Also highly dependant on what you're trying to get out. I find it all to be a bit of a gamble, with UFED doing a decent job, and then picking up the pieces with the others. That being said, I've had a logical with Axiom get more out than the same with UFED. I've also had MTK extractions fail on...
  4. Randomaccess

    Is there a Website with a collection of SQL Statements Available?

    Alexis is a regular poster. Definitely worth following his blog if you do mobile forensics.

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