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  1. twicesafe


    Setting up the contest and finalizing prizes is taking longer than expected. :) We originally planned to launch the contest on Jan 14th, but it will now be the 25th. Thank you for your patience. We have some great prizes and look forward to all the great discussions.
  2. twicesafe

    GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)

    Hello @cyber.x There is additional information at the offical website: GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner | GCFE Certification If you have any specific questions, please post back.
  3. twicesafe

    How to Become a Digital Forensics Professional in 2019

    What are your thoughts on this article? Do you have any suggestions to help others looking to enter the DFIR field?
  4. twicesafe

    Contest coming in January - Stay Tuned

    Contest coming in January - Stay Tuned
  5. twicesafe

    Transitioning from LE into Forensics (closed)

    For an updated discussion on this topic, go to: How do I transition from Government to Private Sector? - Computer Forensics World This thread is now closed.
  6. twicesafe

    Facetime Extraction in Cellebrite - Records not visible on phone?

    @Jose B. Were you able to test on another phone? if that doesn't help prove your theory, then check with other tools. @Lids makes an excellent point in that different tools will find different data due to their different capabilities. Each tool will parse and carve the hard to find data...
  7. twicesafe

    Legal issue

    Great suggestion @athulin . This is a massive 1000+ page book on the subject for anyone interested in the different laws around the world for Electronic Evidence. From the site: This text provides guidance on digital evidence across the 35 jurisdictions listed below, covering (i) the...
  8. twicesafe

    Immediate actions on any incidents.

    This is an extremely broad question with various answers depending on your situation. In order for someone to provide useful information to you, you would need to provide more information such as: - Type of business - Location - What type of advice you are looking for. Please also provide more...
  9. twicesafe

    Cloud Forensic Challenges

    Hey @Ainhana This question is similar to the discussion within the following thread. Challenges Digital Forensic Investigators face today in the Cloud - Computer Forensics World Please check out that thread and if you have any further questions, please post again. :)
  10. twicesafe

    Write-blocker issues?

    First thing I would do it check the firmware of the Write-blocker. I have seen weird behavior with older write-blockers that didn't have updated firmware. Not sure if it has something to do with the solid-state memory drives, but a good reason to keep them always up to date. If that doesn't...
  11. twicesafe

    Convincing Top Management - DFIR Readiness

    Hello @Mo.Muhaimin Would you be able to further expand on your question? - What type of business/industry are you in? - What are your major risks? Answering these types of questions will help you come up with your argument for more resources. Management won't invest unless they can see that...
  12. twicesafe

    Cyber Forensic Investigation

    Hey @syafiqah Thanks for posting. The laws are going to be very different depending on the country you are working in, with Europe area being the most strict in regards to privacy laws, as far as I know. When including a quote, please include the source. Is there a specific area you are...
  13. twicesafe

    Contact Name in Cellebrite but don't see it on phone?

    Do you mean in the list of contacts? Likely due to it being a deleted file.
  14. twicesafe

    Google Takeout

    The administrator account will have access to download ALL accounts. For a large business, I am not sure how you could do this as the size of the final download would be gigantic depending on what items you selected. So you will want to only select the items you need. I do not think you can...
  15. twicesafe

    Google Takeout

    Hey @Lids Although I can't answer you specific question on the recovery of deleted emails, I have used the "Takeout" feature a couple times on account takeovers during warrants. So here are a couple things to keep in mind. As with anything in DFIR, you want to test this feature prior to...
  16. twicesafe

    NEVER Mention your product in a reply –> That does NOT make sense!

    I agree. When a person is able to add value to the conversation, you often want to know more about that person. This is an excellent opportunity to see a link in their signature and learn more about them, their product or their blog. It also helps to make it obvious when the person is...
  17. twicesafe

    Cellebrite Group Chat Digital Forensics Tool

    What are your thoughts on this tool?
  18. twicesafe

    Cellebrite Group Chat Digital Forensics Tool

    Cellebrite Group Chat Digital Forensics Tool - Computer Forensics World Group Chat Digital Forensics Tool was designed to visually display chat conversations as they are displayed on mobile devices, in chat bubbles. Cellebrite UFED PA is an extremely useful tool, but properly displaying...
  19. twicesafe

    Cellebrite Group Chat Digital Forensics Tool

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  20. RobertM

    17025 for Digital Forensics - Does it make sense?

    What are your thoughts?
  21. twicesafe

    17025 for Digital Forensics - Does it make sense?

    Continue reading...[/url]
  22. RobertM

    17025 for Digital Forensics - Does it make sense?

    ISO 17025 is a mandatory standard for Digital Forensics laboratories in the United Kingdom (UK) as of October 2017. All labs that are not ISO 17025 certified must disclose their ‘non-compliance’ on every report produced. The following article posted on Forensic Notes is meant to provide...
  23. twicesafe

    Reading List

    I have only had a chance to browse them so far, but they look really good. Especially considering Brett's depth of knowledge, you know you are going to get the essential elements and not 'fluff'. Once I have a chance to go through them, I plan to do a quick Blog post with review. The X-Ways...
  24. twicesafe

    Reading List

    Brett Shaversb (@bshavers) talks about the book giveaway at: DFIR Training He also discusses that if you are a Patreon member, you get an extra 20 chances per month to win the books. Plus, you get access to all his courses and guides like X-Ways Cheat Sheet which is a great resource for...
  25. twicesafe

    IPhone Forensic Extrction

    @rww makes a valid point in that some software is only available to law enforcement. When posting questions, please be sure to include: 1. Where do you work? 2. Why do you want to do the action you are asking? 3. Type of device, including version. 4. State of the phone. (locked..PIN, Password...
  26. twicesafe

    How much can be found?

    The short answer is YES. But like anything in Digital Forensics, the real answer is... It depends. It depends on the version of CCleaner. It depends on the Operating System and version. It depends on the applications used. It depends on when CCleaner is run. It depends on if backups of your...
  27. twicesafe

    Is there a Website with a collection of SQL Statements Available?

    Is this your site? ...If yes, please feel free to add it to your signature. Looks like a lot of great stuff there. For example, just in the iOS section, he has... The author abrignoni also looks to have a good blog that I haven't seen before at: Initialization vectors Thank you for the link...
  28. twicesafe

    Trusted Contributors Needed

    Become a TRUSTED Contributor. More Info: Trusted Contributors Needed - Computer Forensics World
  29. twicesafe

    Trusted Contributors Needed

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  30. twicesafe

    Trusted Contributors Needed

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  31. twicesafe

    One reason why Hunchly has become so popular...Court Decision

    From your perspective @azuleonyx , what type of evidence 'should' be collected for OSINT investigations so that they can be presented in civil and criminal court?
  32. twicesafe

    New User Restrictions

    Yes, that is correct. New members will not be able to use the Chat feature as this would quickly be used by spamers. Sean, you should now be a trusted member and able to use the chat feature. Thank you for posting and let me know if you have any issues. ;) Cheers
  33. twicesafe

    One reason why Hunchly has become so popular...Court Decision

    A lot of OSINT investigators now use Hunchly due to a recent terrorism case in BC Canada. CanLII - 2017 BCSC 676 (CanLII) R. v. Hamdan, 2017 BCSC 676 If you are an OSINT investigator and haven't read this case, I suggest you read it over. You may not agree with what the courts stated, but...
  34. twicesafe

    Tell us about your experiences with Hunchly.

    Tell us about your experiences with Hunchly.
  35. twicesafe

    What is your favorite Mobile Forensics Suite and Why?

    Everyone has a tool of choice when it comes to Mobile Forensics. What is your favorite tool and why do you think it is better than the others?
  36. twicesafe

    Is there a Website with a collection of SQL Statements Available?

    Does anyone know of a website that has a collection of SQL statements available? Preferably broken down by database/application? If not, please consider sharing your SQLite statements here by adding them as an attachment.
  37. twicesafe

    New User Restrictions

    Great point. As you stated, to become trusted, the key is to post a couple well thought out posts that show you have knowledge in this area. Once you have a couple posts that are approved, you will move onto the Trusted lists and be able to post without moderation. NOTE TO SPAMMERS: Once...
  38. twicesafe

    Welcome to the Forum. We are just getting started, so please check back and post to get the...

    Welcome to the Forum. We are just getting started, so please check back and post to get the conversations started.
  39. twicesafe

    Vehicle Forensics

    I think encryption would be the next logical step and I am honestly surprised at the lack of encryption currently being used given that most software developers are now building systems with security in mind. Especially as more autonomous features are introduced. The fear of a car being 'hacked'...
  40. twicesafe

    Forum Notifications

    Are you only interested in specific areas? Get notified only when a new thread or post is made in a forum. As an example, let's say you are an expert in iOS Mobile Devices. You can 'Watch" this forum for new posts and threads. When a new post is made, you will get notified.
  41. twicesafe

    Vehicle Forensics

    I think this is an area that is going to continue to grow as cars become more automated and store more information. I think the majority of investigations still fail to consider the potential wealth of information that is available in today's car computer systems. Software like Berla...
  42. twicesafe

    Account Security - Enable Two-Factor Authentication - Email Verification

    Two-Factor Authentication - via Verification App Instructions (click here) To enable Two-Factor Authentication via Email Verification, follow these steps: 1. Click on Password and Security within your profile menu. 2. Click on "Change" next to Two-step verification 3. Click on...
  43. twicesafe

    New User Restrictions

    As a new user, your account has a few restrictions until you become a proven member of the community. - All posts must be approved prior to showing in the forum - No ability to edit signature - No ability to add "About" information - No ability to set status As a result, your menu will look...
  44. twicesafe

    Real Names – Real Community

    Cast your vote and help shape this community.
  45. twicesafe

    SPAM - How we avoid it

    We attempt to avoid SPAM by restricting new members until they have proven to be legitimate users by posting at least 2 replies or questions within the forum. The initial messages are fully moderated and not shown until approved by a moderator. For more information, see New User Restrictions.
  46. twicesafe

    Real Names – Real Community

    Continue reading...
  47. twicesafe

    Real Names – Real Community

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