16 years old, What can i do now to help me? Thanks

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Feb 2, 2015
Hello i am 15yrs old, 16 in June and love IT. I am doing computing, maths and physics at collecge this September and was wondering what i can do for computer forensics now to get me started. I already repair phones, tablets and computers and making a nice amount of profit weekly which i am really proud of. I am also trying to learn how to program via KhanAcademy but finding it difficult.
Any help would be much appriciated.
Also what is the pay like in this job area and is it very competitive? Oh and is there many jobs available as i live in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and haven't seen much of this around. Thanks again
Look forward to hearing back from somone
Dec 31, 2006
-Finish your degree
-Learn the law (the act of performing forensics is multidisciplinary)
-Learn file systems
-Build up your troubleshooting and critical thinking skills

For some hands on:
-Check out Linux for LEOs "http://www.linuxleo.com/"
-Check out The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy "http://www.sleuthkit.org/"
-Check out SANS SIFT "http://digital-forensics.sans.org/community/downloads"
-Check out some of the forensic challenges - "http://digital-forensics.sans.org/community/challenges" is one of many.

There are jobs in forensics in both law enforcement and private sector. In those sectors forensics covers a lot of ground from security engineer to forensic examiner to intrusion specialist. Indeed and monster have some listings that you might want to look at for salaries.

Please note the requirements for the jobs. There are fewer and fewer entry level positions. As such you will want to get experience especially in jobs that nurture your troubleshooting skills.

One last bit. Since there are fewer and fewer entry level positions, do not be misled by schools that tout a digital forensic degree as a quick step into a job, there are a lot of graduates and few jobs. You need a degree that will give you a broad background in technology so that you can get a job and experience. Once you have a degree and a job and experience, then look at certificates or masters programs.

Good luck. Welcome to the community.

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