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Nov 8, 2017
Hello everyone,

I've been asked to write a book for people who are thinking about going into digital forensics, or who have already started but are new to it. Working title is 'First Steps in Digital Forensics' and I already have a couple of ideas about what it will contain but wanted to open it up to suggestions.

So if you're new to the field, what would you most like to know? What would be useful for you? If you've been working in digital forensics for a while, what do you wish you'd known when you started out?

I'm veering away from technical stuff (how-to guides for specific tools etc.) as these are covered in other books.

Happy to take any suggestions on board! If you'd rather not post your response publicly feel free to PM me.


New Member
Dec 6, 2017

<t>From a students view, since I am one. It would be an idea to explain what the area is about, what paths you can take to get into the industry, how to gain experience. How Binary related everyday thing people see or do each day (i.e pressing buttons or switching thing on and off) and how it relates to the industry and computers as most people will not know anything about Binary, the same goes for Hexadecimal and why you need to know about these things.<br/>
May be some practical exercises for the user to try say looking at file signature on files and how this could be useful. How to hash a file and why this is needed. Something that would not damage a users computer if they try their own machine.<br/>
The moodle site, I am designing at the moment is aimed at the first year uni students starting on a computer forensic course, if you have not finished your book, why not have a look and see if it is something that could help</t>

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