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Feb 26, 2019
Blockchain forensics is a relatively new sphere. Tools used for it range from blockchain explorers to B2B expensive tools.

Today I'd like to present you a free-yet-advanced hybrid solution - ORS CryptoHound.

It works well on tracing money flows from various addresses (BTC/ETH up to date), providing token and trading analytics. Such information can be messy sometimes, so the most significant part of our work has been laying in a proper visualization of all data stats so that every piece of info would be easy-to-understand.

A free tool, it has some nice widgets for blockchain forensics:

1. Graph Widget (allows for the viewing, expanding and exploring of the transactions and relationships of any searched addresses)

2. Balance Widget (summarizes the list and total value of all tokens held over a period of time)

3. Statement Widget (supports the Graph Widget by providing more details related to all incoming and outgoing transactions, with historic balances viewed in the currency of your choice)

4. Portfolio Widget (creates a snapshot of virtual assets held by a specific address, relative to their size)

5. ROI Widget (calculates and displays the net historic values and gains/losses from the virtual assets held. ROI can be viewed in ETH, EUR or USD)

Hopefully, this will help you in investigating crypto addresses and collecting evidence for blockchain forensics!

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