Cell phone hex analysis


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Sep 10, 2008
Hi All,

Can anybody direct me to the best tool for interpretation of hex obtained during a mobile phone dump?

I fine at getting hex from all phones and have had some joy using data carving in order to find text mesages etc.

Guidance Software have a product for sale as do Bk forensics.

Panoras Box is also out there doing this sort of work but just wondering which product any of you would recommend and the reasons for that recommendation?

Many thanks



Aug 19, 2006
CPA from BK Forensics is nice, but still misses things. Most of these programs are in their infancy and don't interpret everything they should. They don't support a whole lot of phones and manual carving is still going to be needed.

That being said, it will be nice in a couple of years when these programs are a little more well established.

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