Certifications for Computer Forensics

Jan 11, 2006
Don't get hung up on certifications if you're trying to get your foot in the door. They won't hurt, unless you've invested all or most of your resources (time and money) into obtaining them. CISSP and GCFA may be worth pursuing depending upon your background and goals.

Perhaps more helping in getting your foot through that door is networking. Often overlooked until the last moment :( But networking will absolutely help you. As will authoring papers, performing research, and collaborating with others in the field.



www . onlineforensictraining . com

www . forensicbootcd . com


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Feb 25, 2010
Hi I did the CHFI from Ec-council as an entry level cert into forensics. It was helpful as a foundation of sorts. The slides that came with the books were helpful.

Hoping to move further into the field. Lots of great books out there with useful info.
Sep 9, 2011
CHFI v4 Certification

<t>Regarding CHFI Certification, I'm looking for the CHFI v4 Study Guide and can't find it. I can only find the CHFI v3 Study Guide published in 2007. Can I still use the 2007 guide for the CHFI cert? I only ask because I'm on a budget, so dropping $3k for the CHFI course is a bit much right now. <br/>
Thanks as always. --J</t>

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