Create a computer forensics lab

Jan 18, 2007
I am new to computer forensics;I am enrolled in a computer forensics course. I need guidance to information about computer forensics lab requirements in Maryland. The project goal is creating a computer forensics lab in Maryland.

Specific requirements directed in my project are: 1) Type of certification needed and how to get the certification 2) Equipment and software needed 3) Guidelines needed to follow

Anyone who has such knowledge and who would not mind sharing is appreciated. :idea:


Aug 19, 2006
My best advice, without doing your homework for you, is to search, search, and search.

While probably not specific to Maryland, if you did a search of this forum you would find several topics discussing certification.

Google search for computer forensics software. Within the first six results are some of the most popular tools. Then try searching for equipment.

Guidelines might be a little harder, but look at ASCLD and SWGDE.


Jan 2, 2006
Hi CharlieB,

A forensic Lab might look like this:

Separate network accessible through VPN
This network does NOT have a Internet connection, (protecting the evidence from evil people on the outside and protecting the rest your network from any virus you might encounter during an investigation.


Examination machines with FTK, Encase, Sleuthkit/Autopsy, NetAnalysis, Scalpel, etc, etc, etc


dedicated wiping machine

Imaging hardware (both dedicated and fully equiped computers and write blockers (PATA/SATA/USB)

And so on, and so on ;)


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