Creating Images of Windows with dynamic user data


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Apr 13, 2016
Hey dear community,

i am new to computer forensic.
at my university i am now in a research group and i got the task to implement a automatic creation of images of windows systems with dynamci user data, that can be investigated by forensic tools.

present way to go is:
- Setup Windows 7/10
- Using it in "normal" way for several days

i want to, if possible as far as possible automatically:
- Setup a Windows 7/10
- generate dynamically user data per Image
- generate user data= some pictures, web history!, ...

do you got some information or tips how i can achieve this?

thanks guys :)
best regards


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Oct 18, 2007
d0zer said:
do you got some information or tips how i can achieve this?
No. Not unless you qualify your use of the word 'normal'.

There are software testing tools that, more or less, 'start programs, and press buttons'. Those may help you some way in that direction, But those are best asked about in software testing forums.

Otherwise, document 'normal' as well as you can. (Start computer, read mail, visit some social networking sites, visit on-line forums, visit YouTube, make the occasional click on advertisements or the 'You may also be interested in ...' type of links, and so on.) Then try to implement that behaviour with macro tools or scripting tools or those earlier testing tools.

It won't be easy.

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