Data information missing from Data Dump

May 16, 2016
Recently I was reviewing a case that (as usual) hinged heavily on ESI. We were given the data dump of a Samsung Galaxy phone. We also received the phone records of the suspect. The problem is that upon review we noticed that deleted text messages were missing from the data dump. For example we would have deleted text messages from 1/08/15, 1/09/15 and 1/10/15. On the 8th we have most of the text messages. A few are missing or incomplete. On the 9th we have all the messages. On the 10th we are missing all of the text messages. I am at a loss for why this might be. We have dumped all the data on the phone, yet information such as the aforementioned texts are missing. We know text messages were sent or received based off of the suspects phone records. I am afraid the text messages may have been overwritten.

Is there a way we can retrieve those messages or have they been overwritten? What are the chances the text messages were overwritten? What does everyone think?
Aug 7, 2006
First, what kind of extraction was performed (logical, file system, physical)? Secondly, what is the indicated source file, if any, of the text messages which are shown in the extraction?

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