De-Select 100,000+ Records - UnResponsive UFED PA - Spinning Wheel - Hangs

Jose B.

New Member
Nov 21, 2018
Need to de-select 100,000+ records and only check a few to include in a Reader report, but when I attempt to un-check the records, the application becomes unresponsive.

I know I could select fewer records and do it in batches, but not really feasible with 100,000+ records.

Any suggestions?
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Oct 30, 2018
Hey Jose B.

I've actually come across that problem too and haven't found a solution.

I would've assumed deselecting records would require no effort from UFED PA, but
for some reason it apparently takes a lot of processing power (though windows task manager would seem to indicate not much is happening).

I've have had PA go unresponsive for about an hour and then finally come back with the records deselected. But I've also had to just kill the process and re-start which sucks up hours of your day.

If someone has an answer to this I'd love to know too.

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