Draft: List of Certifications


Aug 19, 2006
Edit: Added Dennis' suggestions, created categories. Please feel free to give suggestions. I will add /delete any entries requested. Also, please give advice on the commentary and I will adjust it as necessary. /Edit

General Commentary:
There are a variety of certifications available in the digital forensic arena. A general consensus on the forum is that those wishing to become certified in digital forensics should seek a vendor neutral certification first. Vendor neutral certifications test on a wide body of knowledge including: rules of evidence, forensic imaging, general understanding of hardware and software, and report writing. These types of certifications will often include a written test and several practical exams.

The next step may be to seek a vendor specific certification. Vendor specific certifications show that you are proficient in the forensic software or tools that you use on a daily basis. For instance, ACE is the certification for the AccessData suite of tools. Becoming ACE certified shows you are proficient and understand how the AccessData software functions.

It is also good to show a solid foundation of knowledge in technology. If you don't already have them, it may be prudent to seek general or security certifications.

Vendor Neutral:
CCE - certified-computer-examiner.com/
CFCE - iacis.info (LE Only)
GCFA - giac.org/certifications/security/gcfa.php
CHFI - eccouncil.org/chfi.htm
CCFT - htcn.org/cert.htm

Forensic Tool or Vendor Specific:
EnCE - guidancesoftware.com/training/ence/index.asp
ACE - accessdata.com/training/ace/faqs/

General Tech:
A+ - certification.comptia.org/
Network+ - certification.comptia.org/

CISSP - isc2.org
Security+ - certification.comptia.org/

Financial / Fraud:
CFE - cfenet.com/cfe/default.asp


New Member
Jul 18, 2006
Excellent start Complete! Your suggested categories might be a good idea, but my feeling is anyone serious should read and understand the differences of each anyway.

It might be helpful to add A+, Network+ and Security+ from CompTIA (http://certification.comptia.org/) because they are often asked about. Prehaps a helpful but not directly related to forensics category.


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