Find the geographic position of a mobile phone


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Feb 17, 2016
Hi all,
I'm looking for the possible to know the positions that a mobile phone had in the past?
I would like to know if exists a tool that, analyzing the mobile phone, can find (for example) the cell in which the phone was connected?
For example the mobile phone sended a SMS one month ago, can I know at which cell (BTS) was connected during the sending of this SMS?
Or maybe it is possible (could be better) see a GPS log (in case of the GPS was active during the sending of that SMS)?

I hope in some suggestions


Oct 31, 2005
I take it you have not done any testing to determine if any information such as which towers the phone was connected to at a given time is stored on the phone.

Hint: A phone has a limited amount of storage space.

If they sent an image, you might look to see if the image was geotagged. You might be able to check app usage to see if any of the apps they are running are tracking their location. Then compare the time of the sms to the location data from a given app for that time.

As for what cell tower they used etc, the carrier has that info.


New Member
Feb 17, 2016
Yes, at the moment, I haven't done any test. I would like receive some suggestion about which kind of test could be performed in order to find this information.
Can you hint about some tool?

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