How efficient computer forensics

May 16, 2018
I work at one institutional hospital as a medical record officer. Recently everyone talks about internet of thing(iot) and also change environment of managing medical record from paper to electronic.

I already doing the benchmark at another hospital that apply Electronic Medical Record(EMR) and knowing that EMR is more efficient than using paper. Unfortunately, the future challenge that we need to face when use fully EMR is prone to cyber crime such as attacking unknown virus from outsider.

But how efficient computer forensic help in solve the problem when medical data invaded by someone?


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Oct 20, 2018
Charlotte, North Carolina Area
Efficiently of the investigation depends on the security posture of the company. The better control a company has over their data (how the track the usage of it and protect it) will determine how well the investigation happens.

A simple phishing email passing through several devices which all can monitor, record, and even scan the email before it reaches the employee. If that email gets to the employee and that employee falls for the phishing, then how would the company track the exfil of the data or even notice it or even notice the compromised system on the network?

Insider attacks where employee still information is more problematic due to tracking the records through changes and exports. However, EMR provides many more way to track and control records then paper records though at a high cost (both tech and time).

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