How to Forensically Preserve or Capture a Website?

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Sep 16, 2009

Does anybody have experience with preserving or capturing a website? In the past I have done this using wget, but I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on whether that is the best tool to use or if there is something else that would work better for the job.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sep 16, 2009
In the past I have used Jobo, a java based and os independent automated file transfer agent. (pardon the jargon, it's a website getter). Jobo is nice because it has some powerful (customizable) features and yet runs under almost any operating system, even Windows.

Wget has been my less than desirable but nonetheless easy and often effective default, using "wget URL -k -c -r -p" as a quick way to grab files when perfect forensic preservation isn't required.

Lately I have been using httrack, and I am starting to believe that this is a true rising star. I wouldn't have made the same statement a year ago but I am beginning to grasp it's potential, as I learn and as the bugs get ironed out of this software. Try this link: and you will find a decent "howto" about its usage.

Httrack supports MD5 capture and does no alteration of any files if you choose, making it suitable for forensic capture. The default mode however is to mirror the site, altering URL's accordingly. It is available for Windows as a web-based application and is available for Unix/BSD/Linux as both a standalone executable and a web based application.

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