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Jul 24, 2018
I have been dealing with an issue with my phone BEING linked to the network at my work for over a year now. There are so many open source programs on my phone, that I did not download nor can I control, and I can't even get a Google, Samsung, OneDrive account set up. The network at my work has Enterprise and MDM programs installed that we don't need nor were they installed by us. There are only 2 of us in the office and we only use our server for file storage & sharing. We have expressed our concerns about it to the "computer person" but he always has some random explanation and has convinced the office manager that nothing is going on so she won't take the issue any further. I've been doing my own research, I know very little, and it doesn't seem right. I have been collecting photos, printing out system setting files and I also have the external drive from the old server (since the computer guy convinced the office manager to replace it). I need help with getting an expert opinion to at least take to the office manager or authorities or advice on what to do. PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE


Derek Ellington
Sep 20, 2006
Step #1: factory reset your phone.
Step #2: do not connect it to the company email or wifi
Step #3: find a new job

If you have company email on your phone, then you gave permission, (maybe not realizing,) to the company and the IT department to exert control of your device's security settings. Most people don't realize that connecting to a work email account does that. . . The company IT can probably remotely wipe your phone as well, so be sure to backup you personal data.

You pretty much have no basis for complaint against the company if you use the phone for work.

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