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Jun 2, 2015
Greetings everyone,

I've been doing some research on forensic certificates to find out which one I would pursue. I know all the common ones, specifically by SANS, EC-Council, CCE Bootcamp, EnCase, AccessData, etc. But the other day I came across one from International Fraternity of Cybercrime Investigators - Certified Cybercrime Investigator, or IFCI - CCI (if you Google the acronym you'll find the site; I know links are not allowed on this forum).

What gets me is the comparison chart and the price. It is only $449 and includes more topics than SANS 408 and 508, EC-Council, CCE, and EnCase. I did a little research reading the company's Facebook page and I looked up the President Brian Hussey on LinkedIn. The company, IFCI, has only been running for less than one year. Brian has quite an extensive work history according to his LinkedIn page. The CCI certificate went live in January 2015.

Another thing that gets me is that this course is just a bunch of short videos less then 10 minutes each; longer than 10 minutes for the labs. I think that is definitely not enough time to go over a topic so it makes me think it is not all in depth, just a high over view. I even Googled some of the topics and found some web pages that do discuss the topic. For instance, web browser analysis turned up a lot of interesting sites and blogs. Which makes me think I can look up most if not all of the topics covered in the IFCI - CCI course and find the information for free. Or buy a book from Amazon.

My vague question to anyone who would like to provide their two cents: Is it worth it? I would imagine that being a new company they may not be well known in the industry (?). Would the certificate hold weight to pursue a job in the Computer/digital forensics industry? I already understand the necessity of experience so we can leave that out of the discussion. I also am not in LE; I currently work on a help desk at a telecommunications company.

Thanks in advanced for your time reading this post and I look forward to any and all responses.

Jun 16, 2015

<t>IFCI - CCI training may have a good educational value, however it is not an industry recognized professional certification. Also, other than the 3 generic reviews on Udemy I have not been able to find a solid in-depth write up on this course.</t>

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