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Sep 3, 2015

I realize this forum in probably not the best or most appropriate place to ask , but im at the end of my rope , ,in regards to iPhone forensics , is not the first rule that if you find versions of apps ( .iap files ) that cannot be found in the iTunes store or you find no results on google for those versions of apps , would it not be logical that this is a major red flag ??

I ask as i have a not jailbroken Iphone , my computer is full of viruses, every apple associated .dll file has errors , and i cannot find any version on my just downloaded via itunes , gmail or outlook .iap versions on the internet .

What is the logical interpretation given these facts ? Surely im compromised

I ask because i have just spent a lot of money with a so called forensic investigator and im absolutely gob smacked , all my friends can find any of their versions of the same apps on the internet ,or any app they have , and mine also contain the word HYbrid ( ) I mean how obvious is that !!!!! ( if you search on google the only reference to this app will be from me posting on various forums )

also this error on my PC

invalid map/set<T> iteratormap/set<T> too longvector<T> too longApple Software Update Testing Mode Enabled** If you see this otherwise, please contact your system administrator. **This configuration could reveal potentially malicious packages not signed by Apple.

So who is correct , me or the so called forensic guy i hired ( i have 10 more apps not found on google , as well as many apple settings like )

any comment would be appreciated

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