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May 28, 2017
I am getting ready to return to the workforce. I left about 15 years ago to raise my kids. Prior to that I earned a BS in Computer Science w/ a Math minor and spent 1 year earning my MS in Computer Science. I then worked for the gov for about 10 years in computer security research. Back then the Rainbow Series, TCSEC books had just been released... We focused more on the Multi-Level security issues though... Unclassified to Secret, CMWs, etc. We did some hands on level work but most was higher level policy and requirements reviews, C&A stuff.

Anyway, now I'm trying to determine which sub field of CS to get into as soooo much has changed. I considered entering web development or database sw but I'm thinking that returning to security would make a stronger resume... leveraging off past work. I've recently taken an online course on Network+ but don't intend to take the exam. I'm not an admin type and I just don't see really memorizing all that is in that class, but it was a good overview. I wonder if this should be a sign that I'm looking in the wrong direction?

I'm now studying the Security+ and will probably follow up with something more directly linked to forensics. I may check out some hacking/penetration testing class but I'm not sure I have that hacker mentality. Forensics sounds interesting, but can this be learned without the firm grasp of everything networks and admin?

Thank you for any guidance you have time to offer!

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