Missing User ID/Accounts


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May 21, 2019
Upon looking at the local user ids there are two that are not there (1002, 1003). I have searched event id's 4726 and 4743 finding nothing. Any way to determine if the event logs have been altered or somewhere that may show who, what, or why these accounts were removed?


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Oct 18, 2007
Details ... 'looking at the local user ids' ... how did you do that? I could assume you did it the right way, ... but I have no way of proving that you did.

Why do you assume the event logs may have been altered? Or do they cover the full life of the system? Do you have create logs for the other relevant RIDs? (I assume you have looked for resorces, such as files, directories, etc. and registry entries created by the relevant RIDs.)

On corporate systems, installed from master images, remains from the original install can sometimes be difficult to get to grips with. Is that kind of situation applicable here? Or do you know that the system has been installed exactly as Microsoft documents it? (If not, look for other systems installed in the same way, or from the same master, and compare.)
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May 21, 2019
Thanks for the reply; I actually posted this for a colleague of mine so, I don't know all the particulars. I believe those other things were checked and there were artifacts indicating those users were once there but I'll have to ask him.

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