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Nov 27, 2006
First of all awesome website...Don't know why I didn't ponder to search for the criteria eariler.

Anyways, I'm a student @ Colorado Technical University enrolled in Bachelor's program in Cyber-Crime Criminal Jusice. I have mastered many fields in the IT industry and have several years of work experience from working for an ISP, to doing IT consulting work. I love challenges and problems, and seem to play with it, till I can figure it out. Got to love those Hacker's Challenges. Enough about my self...

Where can I look for Computer Forensics work, or where to begin really? It seems really hard to find anything entry-level - intermediate involving security positions.

So does anyone have any thoughts, or employers out there, that can help those achieve experienced security goals? Even the CISSP certification requires 3 years of security experience. Would contracting out my services and startup for myself be the best solution? Also what more about CSI/Cyber-Cop positions as they seem like a need. Especially from the FBI special agents, National White Collar Crime Center, or the IC3, but the requirements for getting into these positions is a very hard criteria to meet. My local police station even stresses such a need, but the department really doesn't know where to begin with hiring such a person and knowing the law and the crimes to go with it. (But that's where my degree comes in learning all Criminal Jusice)

Thanks in advance for any direction....

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