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Jun 24, 2009
I want to image a hard disk that has Safeguard Easy.
I dont want to boot into the machine, but have the safeguard credentials.
I have a bootable cd from utimaco (safeguard provider).
I will do a /no reboot from the command line.
I want to then boot off my forensic cd and image the drive etc, or maybe do a dd etc.
Will the removal of the encryption affect mean it will no longer be admissable? or is it still OK etc.
Anyone else have experiences of Safeguard Easy and Forensics?


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Jun 27, 2008
Never used Safeguard, but COULD you try this:

- Forensically wipe a hard drive that is the same size or greater than the evidence drive.
- Create a forensic clone from the evidence drive to the new drive (this will now give you forensic copy of the evidence drive).
- Decrypt the NEW drive using the credentials you have - i.e. remove the Safeguard encryption from it
- Image that decrypted NEW drive.

- DOCUMENT whatever you have done IN DETAIL

Save both drives as evidence. You have the original (encrypted) and the decrypted one in case someone wants to see it.

Just a thought - others in the forum may have other ideas for you to kick around.

Good luck!


Aug 19, 2006
I believe EnCase supports Utimaco. Take a forensic image of the encrypted drive, import it into EnCase, it will ask for a password, enter the credentials and you're good to go.

Otherwise, I agree with Art's method.

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