Server Identification


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Nov 18, 2005

Look for City IP Address

There is also an extension for Firefox called Shazou which I use and tells you where the location of the actual server you are communicating with is.

Tim, CCE


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Sep 11, 2006
Gosh..... The answer is.. It depends.

As AlanOne said you can get the IP address and cross reference with DNS meta information. Chasing link to link you usually can get a good idea. The problem is if you go into some networks you might hop in on a Level3 router in Georgia and exit in Chicago and hop onto ATT suddenly somewhere in St Louis. Not all hops report unfortunately and if you fall into one of those black holes .....

By the way I'm looking at a method to determine and find obsfucated and or hidden network pathways (think TOR servers) as part of my research into forensic resistant systems.

What's the scenario you're looking for? Describe the problem and it would be easier to help define the answer better.

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