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Feb 24, 2015
So I've looked over a lot of info here and elsewhere. I really want to get into this world but I have some unique barriers.

I'm currently on disability. It's a physical condition and I can't do the typical 9-5 type of schedule. I'm thinking of maybe doing CF on a consult basis. I have some questions that pertain to me specifically. I'll elucidate as much as I can.

1. Disability. I can work long and late into the night and on a deadline but I'm useless in the AM cause of medications. This would seem to preclude a 9-5 situation. I'm wondering what a consultant's life is like. Any POV on that would be helpful.

2. To college or not to college? I have a healthy Pell grant and I'm eligible for all sorts of other aid. It has to be completely online. Champlain seems like a good choice but I understand It might be difficult for me to get into. I have a 1.667 High School GPA and no other schooling, mainly because I just goofed off in High School.

With Devry I know all I have to do is sign and I'm good. I'm wondering how credible their degree is in this world though... They don't necessarily have the best rep in the world with other things.

I'm also thinking of studying on my own with free tutos and materials online but I'm concerned about inadvertently doing it in some haphazard way that doesn't actually help. I've done a lot of free courses, mostly on Coursera, for enrichment and something to do. The biggest problem is I can't afford any pay-ware or equipment needed to study on my own. I have an extremely tight budget. I also might be thinking about this path the wrong way. Any perspective here is helpful.

I'm aware the college questions are probably better answered by the colleges themselves, but I'd appreciate any perspective.

4. Credibilty. Because I have a physical condition how would that affect me in court from a credibility standpoint? Mot to mention my big employment gap? My condition doesn't affect me outwardly so I "walk, talk and act" normally. I'm not interested in working for LE but I've noticed I could still end up in court.

I've had most of my work experience fixing PCs, doing data recovery and "forensics" if you call the "What's my hubby/wife up to?" stuff that. My doctors and I agree that I'm finally up to the task of working again and this is the field I've been wanting to get into for years. These are just some of the stranger questions I have at the moment.

Thanks for reading my ponderous post.

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