Text message recovery


New Member
Dec 2, 2006
Hi, I was wondering whether anybody knew how viable it is to recover long deleted text messages on any give phone. Would it be the same as hd recovery where you can recover files so long as the relevant sector hasnt been used?

Thanks in advance.


Aug 19, 2006
Recovery of data will depend on the type of phone and how the OS works. Phone manufacturers often use proprietary operating systems for their phones. Do you have a specific phone in mind?


New Member
Jan 13, 2007
BK Forensics sells Cell Phone Analyzer.

In cell phone forensics, you will need a hardware device that will generate a flash file form the phone, and then software to interpret the flash file.

bkforensics.com/ sells both hardware and their own software.

Just a side note, I do not work for BK Forensics, nor do I make a commission from them.

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