This is why we preach about procedures and chain-of-custody.


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Nov 18, 2005

"The misdemeanor pornography case fell apart almost as quickly, as investigators admitted losing vital computer evidence that was seized from Karr in April 2001 when he was working as a substitute teacher in Sonoma and Napa counties."

This is not a personal attack against police or law enforcement, as this can just as easily happen to any of us. My point is we should learn from this and other situations and work together to improve and educate on mishaps such as this.

Karr will do it again...he is a sick individual. [opinion]

Tim, CCE

To add:

I just saw this come out on "Nancy Grace Live" show on Headline News. I disagreed with one of the guests that stated the case was thrown out because they could not get any imformation to prove anything. The case was most likely dismissed by a break in the chain-of-custody, period. If you don't know where the original media is...then you don't have a case. We can determine where the computer was used, what the user did while using it, when they logged on, when they turned the machine off, etc. so her explaination did not hold water to me. The problem is without the original, there is no way to validate the findings.


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Sep 23, 2006
Definately something to keep in mind while you work. You never know how long the evidence you might collect might be needed, so plan for eternity (or at least a LONG time! )

Sad to see such a sick individual get off.

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