Topic for research paper


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Dec 10, 2008

I am a forensic computing student and am trying to come up with a topic for a paper.

The options I am working with are

1. usenets - not sure what aspect of them to look at
2. automotive forensics - again not sure if there is anything there to do a paper on

Any input is gladly appreciated.


Aug 19, 2006
I just had a discussion with a coworker about alternative forms of evidence. With the advance in auto technology, we wondered what could be found by performing "forensics" on a vehicle. Well, I'm still not sure, but there is some interesting stuff out there. I would be interested in an in-depth research project of this topic. Not sure about the practicality of this, but as tech increases so does the chance it may be useful in an actual case.
What’s more, the chip records four of 23 engine parameters, for up to 300 hours of driving time. That means you can log speed, RPM, acceleration, braking, and other parameters at intervals of five to 60 seconds, letting you monitor vehicle performance and track driving behaviors for everyone who gets behind the wheel.

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