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May 15, 2008
I am examing a hardrive using encase. i conducted a quick preview and noticed 2 things a truecrypt folder is installed under the program files folder, and the drive has several visible partitions c,d,e,f, with d,e, and f, being small sizes 2-3 gigs. i havent dove in completely on my exam so there are probably some things i will find pretty obviously but if anybody has any tricks, hints or previous expierience with true crypt volumes or folders they can share that would bee great,



Aug 19, 2006
Is there any visible data on those partitions?

Look in Prefetch to see if TrueCrypt has been run. Look at the LNK files to see if there are any references to files contained in those partitions that may be encrypted.

There is a program here that claims to identify TrueCrypt containers.

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